Team Dashing ;)

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Arrow, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Rhodes
    Never Give Up!


    Possible userbar color change coming. Not sure yet.
  2. You really gonna make this?
  3. Yeah around the 14th of July when I get my laptop.

    I'm really hoping @[Seabs] don't mind my choice of pink though.
  4. :boss: Looks..........Dashing
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  5. First green now pink ? Proper jacking my colours lol.
  6. i might join :boss1:
  7. Lol sorry @[Seabs].. You like my userbar though?
  8. Not sure whether I'll do that Pink either. I remember declining Pink for NOD.
  9. NOD is purple, plus I'll be spending $20 more then them on my group :jeritroll:
  10. NOD wanted to be Pink at first though. Don't you want to be original anyway?
  11. There are no origional colors.. ROY G BIV is all taken bro.
  12. There's thousands of colours. Please don't tell me there's none left lol.
  13. All shades of the origional colours that have been taken though, plus, look at my userbar... It's simply... Dashing :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. Pink is for me and my crew. Kind of defeats the purpose if two groups have the same IMO. Grey, black , orange and yellow are examples of colours that are available.
  15. Orange is MOTM, Yellow is Legends, No one wants gray as it doesn't show up.. Black is banned.

    Try again @[Seabs]?


    I could work with Magenta if you wanted me to.
  16. How about silver? would that work?
  17. It would work, but that's kind of lame since it's plain and doesn't really stand out from the registered/unregistered users.
  18. Yeah I didn't think about the normal users to be honest. Otherwise I would have said Magenta, but I noticed you've said that above.
  19. I'm definitely not allowing pink.
  20. Would you allow a magenta color Xanth? (Color of the text in my sig)?
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