Team Foley or Team Ziggler?

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  1. What team are you rooting for at Survivor Series? Team Foley or Team Ziggler? I am Team Foley.
  2. I usually root for the faces because I don't like most WWE heels now a days.
  3. What's the point of Foley being in this team now? Foley was all about Punk and Heyman. He has literally nothing going on with any of the members from both teams. Foley should've just been the special referee of the Triple Threat match and let this team be called Team Miz or Team Awesome.
  4. Was going to make a thread on this. Agreed.
  5. I really love Mick Foley and all of his team. On Dolph's team, I only like him. So this time, it's Team Foley. I sorry Ziggy. :downer:
  6. This match's build is... :dawg:

    Not cheering for any team. Having Ziggler as a survivor would be cool though. Or maybe having him eliminated in the beggining so he can challenge for the World Title later.
  7. I agree I don't see the point in Mick being involved in the match .I want team Foley to win with the exception of Orton I like everyone on the team
  8. Team Foley for sure! Yeah!
  9. I'm rooting for Team Foley, but if Team Ziggler win. I should win some money.. :otunga:
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^6 :haha:
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