Team GB Olympics Squad

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Acailler, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Team GB squad:

    Jack Butland (Birmingham), Jason Steele (Middlesbrough)

    Ryan Bertrand (Chelsea), Steven Caulker (Tottenham), Craig Dawson (West Brom), Micah Richards (Manchester City), Neil Taylor (Swansea), James Tomkins (West Ham), Joe Allen (Swansea)

    Middle of the field:
    Tom Cleverley (Manchester United), Jack Cork (Southampton), Ryan Giggs (Manchester United), Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal), Danny Rose (Tottenham), Scott Sinclair (Swansea);

    Craig Bellamy (Liverpool), Marvin Sordell (Bolton), Daniel Sturridge (Chelsea)

  2. I must admit, I was surprised that Jordan Rhodes didn't get called up and is only on standby, as with him getting over 40 goals last season I'd have thought he'd have been ahead of Sordell, overall I'm not complaining though, as personally I'd rather him rest up for next season.
  3. Days like this make me miss Jack Wilshere so much. Wilshere and Cleverely together = Spain style football!

    Oh well, Micah and Giggs going will be cool. Neil Taylor is a really composed defender. In fact, the more Swansea players the better. I'm worried about our shit strikers though. Why did he not take Bale instead of Bellamy? Seriously?
  4. Bale is injured Crayo.
  5. I'm not sure about Sordell, there at least 4 players I'd choose ahead of him:

    Grant Holt
    Bradley Wright-Phillips (Strange choice but great player in lower leagues)
    Wilfrid Zaha
  6. Jason Steele in GB squad, come on Boro boy, good luck Steeley, you'll do well, he should be starting keeper as he's better than Butland, should have been taken to the Euros when Ruddy got injured aswell.
  7. Missed that, my bad.
  8. Overage I think.
  9. No Welbeck was born in 1990, so he was eligible. I'm guessing he doesn't want players from the euros.
  10. Players who went to European Championships wasn't allowed in the Olympic squad.
  11. Okay I thought it was 21 the age? I need to actually read on it as I have no idea on age requirements.

    Euro's or not it means he'd be fit, stupid to go into the olympics with a team that can't win. Brazil is going to tear us apart hard.
  12. You have to be born in 89 or later to be a regular player.
  13. So we're not taking Andy Carrol either? Wtf?
  14. Aye, he did go to the euros. Rhodes or Madine would have been good shouts imo, more so Jordan.
  15. Aye but selfishly I'm glad he's on stand by, I just hope no one gets injured so the lad can rest.
  16. But why not include Euro players? You remind me of Xanth typing "Aye", I cringed!
  17. Aye :emoji_wink:, it's a Yorkshire thing. They said before the tournament that whoever went to the Euros would not be considered for the Olympic squad. I can't remember the exact reasoning behind it though.
  18. Aye is a scottish thing isn't it?
  19. Not sure, just know us Yorkshire folk say it too (well I do).
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