Team GB (young England) vs Brazil (GOATS)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. 2-0 down already, 46 minutes in.
  2. Neymar is RAPING us.
  3. Fuck off team GB shite. It's not even team GB just fucking mini Enfland. Bullshit.
  4. I could have told you England was shit :lol:
  5. Not our fault Scotland, Wales and Ireland suck. Bellamy and Giggs are here though.

    We're doing a bit better now, neymar is seriously raping though as soon as he gets it.
  6. Jordan Rhodes Crayo?
  7. Shh mark.

    Giggs, Cleverely and Rhodes are our best players atm
  8. It's the fault of those who wanted it to happen - even though nobody but England wanted it.
  9. To be honest I know why none of the other nations wanted to take part, even though Fifa said it wouldn't damage anything, I wouldn't trust them one bit so I personally would have been worried had any of our players taken part.
  10. More on-topic, Brazil look like they're going to walk through everyone.
  11. We won yet?
  12. Neymar is epic. Everytine he plays I find it necessary to tell whoever I'm with that I found him years ago.
  13. THIS.

    I thought it was just me. I remember his debut and everyone getting a boner including me.

    Anyway, 2-0 finish. They seem to have stopped trying second half.
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