WrestleMania Team Johnny vs Team Teddy

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  1. From SEScoops.com:

    Guess it's time to open the discussion thread.
  2. Christian better be on that card.
  3. Swagger/Dolph/Del Rio/Christian/ will save the WWE from Teddy Schlong
  4. Judging from the EC Promo, Mark Henry will be there, pretty sure Otunga will too. So, I assume it will be 6 on 6.

    But by that logic, Long will pick R-Truth, Kofi, Santino, and Khali's an obvious choice... Other than that, I guess they'd turn Epico and Primo face and stick them in there.
  5. Seriously. Christian needs a spot. Is he recovered enough yet?
  6. Who is the general manager of that time in Raw and Smackdown? They are switched right?
  7. Kofi/Truth need to face Epico/Primo at Mania for the straps with Epico/Primo retaining IMO

    Zeke will probably be thrown in since he had those 2 matches w/ Bowtunga.

    The whole thing is a clusterfuck and will make for a horrible and unanticipated match
  9. Won't happen playa :ace:
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  10. Teddy>Johnny
  11. You are maybe the only person on Earth who thinks that, but it doesn't change the fact that Ace WILL win this feud. If you can't see that coming idk what to tell you. Prepare yourself for disappointment
  12. NO! U are the ownly guy on that Earth that think John will win! U DUMB ASS! If u really anyone when John to win! No 1 like him! Everyone like Teddy! He should be the boss of both show! END OF FUCKIN STORY!
  13. Then again this is the company who thought Kevin Nash costing someone a world title then proceeding to feud with someone else with 0 pay off was a good idea.... One thing is for certain in the WWE expect the unexpected.

    @[Randy Savage] Stop putting end of story your opinion is not higher than anyone elses. Also I like Johnny so that's two people for a start.
  14. No 1 like him! He suck! Punk said it him slef he suck as a wrestler and he now as a GM! That a reson why Teddy has been a GM since 2004! B/c he sell himslef as 1! John does! Hell Eric was a HELL OF LOT BETTER then Johnny will EVERY BE! This is a fact!
  15. I like him, Dolph'sZiggler likes him and Crayo likes him amongst other people. Johnny Ace has been a good heel GM because he pisses you off. That's what he's supposed to do. That is not a fact it's an opinion as it is subjective.
  16. He suck as a GM! Everyone need me that are friend FUCKIN HATE HIM! And wish WWE would just get rid of him! He SUCK! He he talk like a dumb ass have botch almost all the time on words! He suck as a Wrestler do I half to go on? Where you think so or not He SUCK! Eric B. was a better RAW GM THE HIM! HELL THE PC WAS BETTER HIM! Teddy Long is the best GM in WWE CASE CLOSED! That why he been GM as long as he was b/c he good at it! no he GREAT AT IT!
  17. I'm just gonna ban everyone in a minute. You, me, Crayo, Xanth and even that guy with 1 minute online time. :emoji_hushed:tunga1:{Keep it on topic}
  18. Dolph PM him that. It's too off topic even for me.
  19. right because I give a fuck enough to PM him about it
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  20. Right you've had your say now let's get back to the topic rather assessments of Randy Savage's grammatical ability.
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