Team Viva La AWESOME?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by TheoneandonlyDC, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. So with the recent faceturn of Del Rio and Miz not doing much, do you think Miz and Del Rio should continue to team up?
    Honestly I quite enjoyed them teaming up at TLC and RAW. Would you like to see them continue to team up for a while, at least until they've gotten over as faces and their is a spot in the world title picture?
  2. I think it'd be a pretty cool idea as you say as it could help them both as faces get over plus with RR in the mix it'd be easy to make it so entertaining.
  3. If ADR is going to team with anyone, it should be Ricardo. That would be way more entertaining than the Miz.
  4. I skip their segments to be honest.
  5. I don't think so. It was good to see them bring out Brawler and Dreamer (that DDT was great), but it would be the epitome of what WWE's tag division has become, just take two guys who have nothing in common (unless you count turning face recently as a similarity) and put them together, I for one wouldn't really like it. I want to see some character development from Del Rio, and so far the only thing he has done in his new "role" is wrestle. Too makeshift for me, Miz and Del Rio.
  6. It was done solely to get ADR over as a face. Miz can get a crowd going easily and bringing out Brawler in Brooklyn and Dreamer in Philly only enhances it. It helps Miz further establish his face character as well. I don't see them becoming a team, if anything ADR will team with Ricardo
  7. What a terrible name for a team, lol.
  8. LOL i actually love the name you came up with.
  9. I'm not sure I would say give them time to grow real chemistry and form into a real team, but the time you use for that could be used for single pushes instead.I say put Alberto in the Intercontinental championship picture and put Miz in the United States championship picture while they're still trying to become faces, that way they are chasing championships and growing into faces. Then when they are over enough as faces send them to the main event picture with proper good gimmicks.
  10. No, thanks. Let them do their own thing.
  11. I think the team would be good because they compliment each other. Del Rio has the wrestling and Miz has the mic skills. Then there's also Ricardo who is kind of like the stooge of the group. Plus it's not like I want either of them to be thrust into the main event because I don't think they're good for it quite yet.
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