Team Zack or Team Slater

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  1. Zack Morris

    4 vote(s)
  2. AC Slater

    3 vote(s)
  1. I need to know your loyalties lie.

    Team Zack so far: CM Punk, Shadow, Aids and myself
    Team Slater: Senhor Perfect, deth
  2. Well this got pretty gay really fast. Voted Morris, i think it should be easy to tell from personalities who is going to be which. I could have told you Senhor was an AC guy immediately.
  3. Not sure what you mean, it started off gay from the beginning.

    I'm gay for Zack. What did you think we were doing here exactly??
  4. No idea who the hell these people even are, so I vote neither.
  5. See Dolph's i could have told you this too.

    Bro you never watched Saved by the Bell?
  6. Picking sides? If that's the deal then i pick Kelly.
  7. lol just was reading about the college years. I must have been like 15 at the time of that show, and I didn't realize the RA was never a dude who used to play football professionally. Some 40+ year old dude is assigned to be a small hall's dank dorm RA. If only.
  8. What a fag. also, neither isn't a poll option so you lied
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  9. Never got into the show. So, neither.
  10. a vote for Lisa Turtle i guess.
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  11. SEE! I AM NOT RACIST! :angry:
  12. [​IMG]
  13. :mad2:
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  14. Zack Morris. He fucked that MILF from Weeds. He always wins.
  15. on the show or irl?
  16. On the show lol
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  17. you dumb bitch
  18. Nah. This was some sort of teenybopper show from the 80's or 90's as I remember so I never bothered to watch it.

    Wasn't it this show where one of the stars blew all his fortune away in real life and then went on national TV and actually pleaded/begged people to send him money so that he could maintain his lifestyle? Probably one of the two fags in this poll lol.
  19. How old are you lock? Did you never watch these shows when you fit into the category? Boy meets word? You were minkus bro.
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