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  1. Now that Tim Tebow has been waived by the Jets, where will he end up?
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    Lingerie Football League QB Coach? Sounds great lmao
  4. he would be smart to go to the CFL
  5. Send him to the Failcons please :yay:
  6. Ashley think he'd do well in Jacksonville. His good characteristics are arm strength, mobility, and leadership, right? Jacksonville has fast deep-threat recievers, a shaky O-Line, beast of an RB, and a dire need for leadership... Really a good fit.
  7. I wouldn't really list arm strength as a good characteristic. His arm isn't what I would call weak, but most of his passes are ducks without much zip. It's probably part of the reason he still has to use that slingshot throwing motion.

    I thought he would work in Jacksonville last year, but I'm not sure now. They seem to not want anything to do with him. I'm certain he would win them more games than Gabba Gabba doo though.
  8. ^Ahh, see what you mean. Was just thinking "run the ball like 75% of the time and throw bombs somewhere around Cecil Shorts the rest of the time".
    Would that work in the NFL? Doubt it... but it's better than Gabbert... But then again it just shows how much Jacksonville gets it.
    Gabbert in 2013 = Bridgewater in 2014. *Applause*
  9. LoL

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  10. Either he's going to end up in the CFL or a team like Jacksonville is going to scoop him up. In my opinion he's not starting QB material but given his work ethic and personality I'm sure some team might consider giving him a try. The main problem with Tebow is the insane fanbase that follows him around and it could cause problems anywhere he goes. He's hyped up way too much and it's annoying.
  11. To be fair, a lot of players are religious and most of America is Christian or accept Christianity. Some guy being Christian isn't exactly huge news or controversial.
    Gays on the other hand, get a lot of hate and a gay man being in a locker room filled with straight men does raise an eyebrow or two, and it's not every day an athlete "cums out of the closet". It takes some balls.

    Also, it's not like gay people mention how they take it up the ass every five minutes. "Thanks to Tyrone pounding my ass and jizzing on my chest, I was able to do well in this game"
    While some religious folk definitely overkill it with their Jesus obsession. Just look at Ray Lewis last year. It can get a bit annoying. "Uh so Ray.. that murder?" "JESUS LOVES ME! GOD! I'M BLESSED... GOD!"
  12. JR on Tim Tebow to WWE :lol1:

  13. It was a joke.
  14. Minnesota :haha:
  15. I would of said the Oakland Raiders, but we'll be paying Matt Flynn 7 million dollars to lose his job.:smug:
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