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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. This is just a basic brand discussion thread for technology.

    What brand of...
    • TV(s)
    • Computer(s)
    • Cell Phone(s)
    • Gaming System(s)
    ... Do you have?

    TV : Toshiba
    Laptop : Toshiba
    Cell Phone : Samsung Galaxy
    Gaming System : Xbox 360
  2. TV : Samsung
    Laptop : iPAD
    Cell Phone : Piece of shit BlackBerry Torch
    Gaming System : Xbox 360/PS3/Wii
  3. I like Samsung's stuff usually, how are there TV's though? Any good?
  4. TV(s) LG I think.
    Computer(s) acer aspire some numbers laptop, old Motorola xoom tablet
    Cell Phone(s) galaxy s3
    Gaming System(s) 360,CM Punk and Xanth.
  5. Fan-fucking-tastic! Love my TV, it's a 46" LCD. Bought it 5 years ago, the picture is still amazing.
  6. How is the Xanth? I read mixed reviews on it. Everyone said the CM Punk utterly blew though.
  7. We have a Toshiba 46 inch I believe and its nice, but not as bright as other TV's I have seen. Toshiba makes nice TVs... But HORRIBLE laptops. lmao
  8. TV : Westinghouse (Unknown company but it was cheap and still working for 3+ years)
    Laptop : Lenovo and Sony
    Desktop: Custom built and HP
    Cell Phone : Samsung Galaxy S4
    Gaming System : Xbox 360 and PS2
    • TV(s): Orion, UMC, Samsung and LG
    • Computer(s): HP, Samsung
    • Mobile Phone(s): Samsung, Motorola Razr (epic)
    • Gaming System(s): XBOX 360, WII, PS2
  9. Yeah. Blew people away. That's how amazing I am.
    • TV: Samsung
    • Computer: Samsung
    • Cell: Samsung (Galaxy Ace)
    • Gaming System: Xbox 360
  10. Xanth is a bouncy castle, punks blowing is his best game.
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  11. I bet you are amazing at blowing people... away :ksi:
  12. TV - Sony
    Laptop/pc -Toshiba, Alienware(dell) and a couple thrown together machines from various differnet brands.
    Cell Phone - HTC google 2
    Gaming system - XBOX360,ps2, N64, Sega dreamcast, Sega Genesis, Nintendo.
  13. TV - LG
    Laptop - HP
    Desktop PC - Custom
    Cell phone - HTC One
    Gaming System - Xbox360 & PS2
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  14. TV - Panasonic
    Laptop - Mac, HP, iPad
    Cell Phone - iPhone
    Gaming System - 360, PS3, Wii and best of all Nintendo 64
  15. TV - Currently don't have one
    Laptop - Thinkpad T420
    Desktop - Currently don't have one, plannin' to build a new one soon
    Cell Phone - Galaxy Mini
    Gaming - I have a 360 I haven't used in four years and a 3DS
  16. What a loser.
  17. Sorry, I don't speak GEEK!
  18. TVs: My Tv-tv is Sony, my Video game-tv is Toshiba.
    Laptop: Toshiba (it's also what I watch 95% of my shows on).
    Cell phone: No clue, never use it.
    Gaming Systems: Not counting portable; SNES; N64; Gamecube; Wii; PS2; PS3; X-Box; & X-Box 360.
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