News Technical difficulties at lead to this amazing picture

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Sep 29, 2014.

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  2. hehehehe love this :woohoo:
  3. Then Barrett breaks into your house and hits you with his elbow
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  4. I miss Barrett so much.
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  5. Barrett v Bryan has a great back story and could create the dynamic Barrett needs to set himself apart and break away from the pack.
    His accent should be utilized and I believe would give you more bang for a your buck then a heel Rollins.
    His ring work needs improving, but the Empire has the talent he can work with to get better.
  6. Bad News Barrett became one of the most entertaining characters on the show right before he got injured, so I'm looking forward to his return. He's due back in or around December.
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  7. That's too long! :((
  8. If they decide to book Barrett to reclaim the Intercontinental Championship when he returns though, it'll hopefully give Ziggler plenty of time to have a healthy reign with the strap.
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  9. Hopefully he's back for the Euro tour in the Winter whenever that is again, I would only have him wrestle on tour if he's truly 100% though, he's quite the future asset to the promotion IMO and wouldn't want any further damage/complications arising regarding his current injury.. Even if he can't wrestle he can still do something promowise and help get a huge reaction to the shows over there.
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