Ted Dibase Jnr - Why did they mess up

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Idiot #1, Jun 14, 2014.

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  1. Ted Dibase Jnr showed great mic skills and outstanding workrate in legacy, yet the lad was been buried. I do not get why, he would make a better main eventer than Punk, Jericho or Cena.

    Dibase much like Orton, used mic skills that were serious and not friverlous and it worked really well, it was a throwback to the good old days of 2003 as Orton was the HHH to Dibases Orton.

    The company again messed up, we should be having Orton vs Dibase ppv headlines now playing beofre sky high buyrates full of smart fans. Insread we get Cena appealing to idiots

    such a shame
  2. He was boring and had no charisma. Other than having pretty good theme music and fairly decent work in the ring, he had no "oomph" to him. A fine example of how being the offspring of someone great doesn't automatically mean that you will be.
  3. just a dude who had a famous wrestler for a father. doesn't mean your kids will be good wrestlers. look at Axel lol
  4. He was a pretty good worker but nothing was out standing from him, he did look the part though.
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  5. here for anyone dounting his mic skills. he mirrors Orton's style. He does not go in for friverlous jokes or catchphrases, his style is much smarter than that.

    Orton is your best mic man in the company, watch this promo

    no silly jokes, just takes it seriously like wrestling should be
  6. lol I've seen Bob Holly cut better promos.
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  7. We need a fire truck for that burn
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  8. Even if it was saddled on a mediocre guy, they should have done more with the gimmick. They can make a nice midcarder out of someone who's just a dude who goes out of his way to be with the fans he loves.
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  9. He didn't even want to be a wrestler, he was self-entitled and wanted to be a movie star but then The Marine 2 happened and now he can't do that either.
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  10. they never gave the lad chance.

    again wrestling should be serious, if i wanted comedy i would watch blackadder
  11. insinuating Bob Holly isn't a legend on the stick
  12. insinuating Bob Holly isn't a legend on the stick
  13. love that picture, who is the handsome devil on the left

    you having that one lads
  15. "Michael Cole you little shithead"

  16. more proof

    kiss it

  17. Now this is a good promo.

    To keep on the Holly train. "I'm a super heavyweight!"
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  18. I'm assuming you already know the answer to this. Your mind is made up and you are more less looking for justification.
    That said, 2009 Orton was his best incarnation and DiBiase was learning from him
    DiBiase fell into the trap of being a brown haired, clean, smooth faced worker with a crew cut who did nothing to gain a fan base
    Ironically, enough Ziggler adopted a crew cut himself. It was short-lived, but he probably should have kept it
    Evan Bourne, Orton, Cena, DiBiase, Cody Rhodes all had the same look. Somebody has to stand out
    Ziggler had the ability to separate himself (had he kept the look), but Ted never did and the injury didn't help.

    It's difficult to overcome WWE's dogsh** way of view but it can be done. Ted's natural ability was just too... plain
  19. Ted was just boring. Decent in ring wrestler. Bland as mashed potatoes as a character.
  20. so if Ziggler had kept the same haircut as everyone else, he would have stood out?
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