Ted DiBiase Jr. Leaves WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 26, 2013.

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  2. i'm more bothered the Video is not in HD:burns:
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  3. Best of luck to Ted. And he seems to have the door open to come back if he so wishes.
  4. Jebus what are we gonna do ? :why:
  5. fishing.... cool.
  6. Fuck dude... I've been wanting for him to get a push since Legacy but it never happened. I can understand why he left though, hope he goes somewhere worth it.
  7. Forgot he was still employed there tbh, but best of luck.
  8. He wasn't doing anything anyway, no harm.
  9. I always liked him, Maybe he'll go to TNA or ROH but I doubt it.
  10. TNA is probably beating down the dude's door as we speak.
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  11. "Ted! Ted! You there!? It's me, Dixie...."
  12. Ladies and gents, meet the next man to be under the Suicide mask, lulz.
  13. He was employed?
  14. He's a very good worker, hope he hits up a few tours in Japan again.
  15. I think he'll go into preaching with his dad with a couple of tours and acting mixed in. Preaching if anything will teach him to talk.
  16. Devon did it better.
  17. Sad to see he wasn't used more, but eh, guess he was expendable. Good luck to the guy.
  18. Best of luck to him! He's gonna be careful tho, dat ass plus the real world doesn't mix.​
    seriously guys he has the best ass in the WWE I tell yoooou
  19. Really sad to see Ted go WWE totally wasted his talents fuck you WWE. Ted will go onto better things I think and at least he get to be at home more with his wife and son
  20. Congratulations to Ted Dibiase, future TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

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