Ted DiBiase

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zach, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Probably my third favorite superstar at this moment. What do you guys think of him? He definitely needs a title push, maybe for the IC title. He's won like 10 matches in a row on both Smackdown and Raw. What do you guys think?
  2. I like him in the ring he's an above average worker but he doesn't really give me much of a reason to care. He seems to be kept around purely for his last name. They really missed the chance to have him blow up in 2009 when he had that match with orton.

  3. I disagree... He's still young and can still improve. I say they give him a title shot or a rivalry besides with stupid Jobber Mahal.
  4. He can still improve a great deal. I do wish they had continued the feud with Cody rather then randomly dropping it.
  5. The feud with Cody would of done him wanders. At the moment they need to put him in a meaningful feud if they want to develop him into potential championship material, my opinion. Else he'll keep coming out to very small reactions, which isn't too good. He's a great worker, just needs a fresh gimmick other than fake tan, muscles and smiles (most WWE faces do that now, apart from Sheamus naturally, well he does the smiling muscles part, just not the tan).
  6. Sheamus does tan but he's on the same show as Orton so yeah..

    I agree with him needing a new gimmick I don't see were they're going with this tailgate party deal it could take off like Ryder I suppose but Ted lacks personality for me.
  7. Haha, never seen that one before :O.

    Tbh I don't watch Superstars so I don't know his current gimmick, but on SD he was just a smiley muscle tan guy, which isn't his fault. Creative really need some creative gimmicks for mid carders. I remember Boogeyman! That was a gimmick!
  8. Agreed there are two many guys playing themselves. We do need more colorful characters rather then guys I wouldn't blink twice at if I walked past them in the street. It's no suprise really the guys with actually characters amped up such as Ryder, Cena and Orton are the most over in the company. Then people such as Dibiase, Mahal and Del Rio come out to ants farting.
  9. Exactly. I mean Del Rio has a gimmick but it's been used before, it's JBL v2. His mic skills aren't bad but he's no JBL so he can't sell that to the fans thus getting no reaction. We need some crazy gimmicks back. Looking forward to Ambrose being a sick twisted heel.