Teddy Hart shoots on beating up CM Punk

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. This is a story that has circulated the web for a while from back when Teddy Hart (One of Bret Hart's nephews) and CM Punk both were in TNA together and multiple versions exist. What seems to be consistent is that Hart and Punk had some kind of beef. They confronted each other at a restaurant. Punk slapped Hart. Hart knocked Punk to the ground and started beating him up and then Sabu got in the middle.

    Here's the interview Teddy recently did with Konan on it.

    And here's a transcript from eye witness Petey Williams:
    So Punk got beat up by Teddy. I can honestly see that. Say what you want but Teddy is a solid athlete. Punk might be the better pro wrestler but I could see Teddy take him out in a real fight.
  2. Teddy is a douche but so is Punk usually.
  3. Yup. I can easily see two douches locking horns. happens way too often in the club business.
  4. I bet most Pro Wrestlers are shit fighters.
  5. Canadian douches > American douches :true:
  6. WTF happened in Mexico with them also? Teddy mentions it towards the end, something like "after what he did for me in Mexico I'd never say more than what happened, I'm not saying I got the upper hand"
  7. Punk got Hart kidnapped by the Mexican Mafia? then they realized how big of a douche he was and let him go?
  8. Reminds me of Jericho getting mugged in Mexico from his book, I don't know why but that bit really made me laugh.
  9. Wasn't it Jericho who thought Mysterio was a kid the first time he met him in Mexico as well. Or was that Guerrero?
  10. It depends...People like the miz or Rhodes yeah but bryan would break most of your bones...better do not mess aorund wih guys like Henry , Ryback,Big E hell even John Cena
  11. Yep it was Rey Rey, Eddie pissing on Elvis' statue whilst asking who ever beat was golden too.
  12. Ryback would gas before even throwing a punch.
  13. Doesn't Cody have a strong amateur background?
  14. No idea.Thought he was like the Miz.I like Cody but he doesnt seem a really good fighter
  15. Yeah. Cody is supposed to be some sort of record setting high school amateur wrestler in Georgia or something. I wouldn't want to fight him. Much rather Ryback due to his size slowing him down a lot.
  16. If ryback gets close to you you better pray dude
  17. Ryback is a pussy, I'd put him on his back quicker than a prostitute with a mortgage.
  18. Ryback is built for show. He has bodybuilder muscles. He is most likely slow. No way would I be able to hit as hard as him. But I could most likely avoid a lot of his swings. Bodybuilders are slow as heck.
  19. Muscles =/= good fighting skills

    Hell, look at UFC fighters. They hardly look like bodybuilders.
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