Teddy Long Sucks

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. This guy is just so predictable. I just knew he was gunna come out after Bryan's "YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!" to say: "hold up there playa." I even knew he was gonna introduce sheamus.

    What a bad quality...
  2. Arive.
    Tag team match.

  4. He's okay... Yeah, he's predictable, and his character is long since played out... but since all he really does is come out and announce matches and further along storylines (you know, what a face GM should be doing) I don't see all the hate for him that the IWC has.
  5. He really isn't that bad

    Now 'excuuuuse me' I immediately switch the station

    Less is more, folks
  6. ^LOL at his skull...
  7. He never replied to my tweet.
  8. I caught that... apparently he ran into Taker after he cut his lettuce

    I figure he gave Teddy a discount and took a little off the top. No worries, Taker isn't in the souls business any longer
  9. Dude the entire WWE is as predictable as Teddy Long nowadays
  10. LMAO. Great stuff from Ace.
  11. I hope Teddy seriously loses his feud with Ace. Ace needs total control.
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