Teen assaulted by police in own house

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Oct 11, 2014.

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  1. Okay so this is a very weird one that I just read and was curious what people thought of it.. So basically this black teen is living in a foster home with an all white family, he's been living there for roughly about a year at the time this incident occurred.. one day after school a couple of the neighbors who were not familiar with him living there thought he was breaking in to the house. Now he walked right in through the unlocked front door so there was not even a hint of "forced entry" but because the neighbors had seen the all white family members and a black teen entering the premises without anyone with him they completely thought he was a burglar.

    Police got the call and immediately addressed it, they went over to the house and charged right in while the teen was sleeping in his own bed.. they found him and immediately had guns in his face from multiple fronts.. they told him to get down on the ground and such and to stop/drop everything he had.. He responded by asking the cops why they barged into his house and are now verbally assaulting him.. They saw pictures of the white family on the wall and completely thought he was lying.. the teen said something along those lines again and the cops pulled out multiple cans of pepperspray and started spraying him while he was still in the bed.. meanwhile during the whole "altercation" the cops were yelling profanity at the teenager.

    The foster mother whom he was living with arrived at the house to see paramedics treating the young teen in the driveway, she ran up and immediately asked if he was okay and wanted to know what was going on? Basically the cops have been defending their actions simply because the teen asked why they were in his house instead of immediately complying to the "get on the ground" orders with guns pointed at his face.

  2. Those cops are assholes obviously. Could have asked for proof or even make a call, but naw. Just pepper spray someone who is disarmed instead of handling the situation like a mature adult.
  3. LolNorthCarolina
  4. Yeah the story is pretty fucked up, clearly racist..
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