Teen Facing Life in Prison for.. Pot Brownies??

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 20, 2014.

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/life-in-prison-pot-hash-brownies-texas-150807587.html
    Okay well this is a very complicated story, I read it earlier and then had to wait for an attorney friend of mine to get back to me on whether or not this is legitimate.

    Normally this would be a misdemeanor however somewhere in the law against Marijuana it states that should any THC concentrate (in this case Hash oil; however Tincture would be another one) found in Brownies will change the whole case. Since the 19 year old used 'hash oil' instead of normal marijuana buds they are now able to weigh every little gram of the baked goods and classify it all as being a "controlled" drug.. Most likely this will be appealed in some form and I hope for the kid's sake it gets overturned because this seems a little excessive.
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  2. Life in prison is definitely excessive lol.
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  3. Ye it's overkill but I guess if you do the crime yous hould be prepared to pay the time
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  4. I am no fan of pot but crap... That is too harsh. Not fair to say the least. We all make stupid mistakes around that age. Life in prison over baking drugs into brownies? How about arresting the people who made that crap box of brownie mix he likely used cause it is crap like thats causing diabetes all over America... To be fair, I know, people have the choice to eat it but come on.
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  5. I agree with you better be prepared to do the time but honestly no more than a year in prison for anything like this.
    I'm sure this will get overturned; especially with the noise Obama has been making about 'backing off' federally to a certain extent.
    At least I hope; I'm a user of the pot myself, not often anymore like in high school but definitely a once or twice a week thing still, if I ever found myself in this situation I would be shitting my pants daily.
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  6. He knew what he was getting himself into. Although life in jail does seem like a bit of an overkill for just making pot brownies, it makes sense in some essence as to why they can justify that.
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  7. Yeah that's the thing about concentrates; honestly why I never get them, I just stick to vaping. Even if you're just carrying them in the actual oil form that's when it becomes a felony. To be fair there I doubt there were many throughout the nation that have ever even heard of that sub-law where if you use it in baked goods you can be charged for the weight of all of the ingredients.
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  8. I don't care what coin you flip, both sides are crap.
    Yes what he did was stupid, wrong and he should know the laws and what he was risking...
    BUT life? :gtfo: I can see a year tops because of his age and maybe a year of probation.
  9. Yeah I mean I was reading a story about a 18 year old who was selling heroin and only got two years in jail and two more probation.. not sure how that gets less of a punishment but that's the US Justice System for you; it is super hit or miss IMO.
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  10. This is the US legal system we are talking about. If there is one thing it's good at, it's fucking up.
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  11. The time should also fit the crime. To me, the use or manufacturing/distribution of any drug (not just weed, but even the more disturbing drugs like meth, heroin, cocaine, etc.) shouldn't warrant serving life in prison. That kind of sentence should be reserved for only the truly heinous crimes, like murder, rape, child abuse and the like. And when the use of weed is the crime in question, well, that's just fucking ridiculous. Even the five year minimum sentence is excessive in this case.
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  12. Yeah I agree. Prison in itself is extreme, just fine him or something. Prisons are full as it is.
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