TV Teen Titans possibly coming to Live Action TV?

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    So there will be filming for a pilot episode based on the comic book series 'Teen Titans' a DC property.. the team will be lead by an older Dick Grayson, expected to be Nightwing instead of Robin.. I imagined Cyborg & Beast Boy will be apart of the series... POSSIBLY not Cyborg seeing as he'll be apart of the Justice League movie from what I'm hearing and apparently they're not casting any of the TV personalities in the movies as exampled by The Flash and Green Arrow, but then again they do have a Flash it's just not Grant Gustin, aka... the person playing flash on the CW, so they very well may decide to include Cyborg in the show.. We'll see, with the recent success of these types of shows I imagine they'll get greenlit for a full season if the Pilot is done well.. I'm pretty excited to see this happen.

    More information will be released I'm assuming just slightly ahead of when they start filming, probably during the time when they cast every character they planned to be involved within the first season.
  2. Could be interesting... I like seeing the minor league characters getting some attention.. some of them are genuinely better than the big hitters.

    I'll be watching.
  3. Are they doing the comic version, or the shitty cartoon?
  4. The fact that Geoff Johns is involved means they are doing the comic book version.
  5. Only if Dick Grayson is Nightwing would I watch as I never cared for Teen Titans.

    No Beast Boy/Changeling or Cyborg.. I'm a little disappointed but hey an older Dick Grayson as Nightwing I can get behind.
  7. I like a majority of these characters, should be an interesting series.
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