News Teenager tweets threat to American Airlines...

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    I know the teenage girl or whoever it was that did this is a dumbass.... but AAs response made me laugh because of the effect it had on the teenager...

    So here is the original tweet and response...

    and here are all of her replies..


    The FBI will most likely still contact her parents and probably even place her on the no-fly list all because of a dumb tweet.
  2. This chick got arrested, lol
  3. Queen of the morons.
  4. thank god. I would hate to see the police doing anything actually worthwhile
  5. Ha, she's trying to get her friend arrested? :tyson:
  6. Yeah lol
  7. Bet she feels like a dumb ass **** now.
  8. Well I guess that's what she gets for doing stupid stuff like that.
  9. pfft you guys gotta understand.

    1k followers on twitter > Being redlfagged for the rest of your life.
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