Tell me three things about yourself

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Oct 3, 2015.

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  1. Since I am still new here, I really don't know anyone. This is my attempt to get to know some of you on here. Basically, just tell me three random things about yourself. It can literally be anything. Well, unless it violates some kind of rule but this place seems pretty open to me.

    Side note, I used to be a wrestling fan and I am in and out of it at the moment so I will be hanging out in the off-topic areas mostly. Maybe check in for a few discussions if I am watching a PPV or Raw.
  2. I love competitive Pokemon
    I build computers
    I own this forum and many other websites
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  3. I like watching films a lot. Like all different Genres but drama, comedy and horror are my favs.
    Dislike blocbuster type films apart from the odd one on ocassion.

    Like to drink and socialise with friends at the pub.

    Not really a sports fan apart from football.
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  4. I love... Football/Soccer. Music. Pro-Wrestling.
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  5. IRL a very confusing person, wears black hoodies even in the summer, loves Taco Bell
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  6. Black hoodies >
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  7. I'm a goth kid.
    I watch Seinfeld.
    I only lurk this forum when I'm intoxicated.
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  8. Hate being awake right now
    I'd rather sleep
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  9. You can do that while RAW is on, buddy.
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  10. I'm sure all these legends will help me push through, because that's what we want to see.
  11. Yup, hopefully. I mean, they are one of the very few reasons I'll be watching Raw tonight.
  12. I drink hard, I work hard, and I can still get it hard wasted....ladies.

    Really though, I work hard at what I do, always focus on the short wins and never the long game, and I drink more than I should - I wouldn't have it any other way.
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  13. I have no life.
    I rarely leave my house unless it's to buy some food or something.
    I've had a 4S for some time now, and won't be upgrading in foreseeable future.
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  14. I'm a total Horror Fan - Michael Myers for life--started to watch Horror movies when I was 8....explains all

    Music is very important to me, it relaxes me in difficult situations. There is always the right music for the mood you're in~

    I'm going to the
    gym every 2 days. My focus is on my muscles and endurance. I'm also dancing''

  15. I secretly like watching Broadway musicals. (Not so much a secret anymore lol)

    I love music with meaningful lyrics... Ed Sheeran, Amos Lee, Jason Mraz, and Lauryn Hill are the artists I listen to the most.

    I love everything that is "geeky".. comic books, video games.. etc etc..
  16. I'm a 23 year old male who lives in Ohio

    I may get sentenced to prison for felony drug charges

    I make music for fun
    Tom Pentecost
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  17. You can't just slip something like that in a random thread and expect someone not to ask...

    So, yeah... What ya do? :bige:
  18. I got caught with 500 xanax bars and a half pound of liquid GHB
  19. I read that and it reminded me of this :

    But seriously, damn man. Were you a dealer or a transporter?
  20. Dealer. I used to live in Chicago but I got bringing it to Ohio. Lol so if 1 day Im not on the forums for awhile know that I'll be locked up :boohoo:
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