Temporary Closure of Fed X

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Sackfist, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. Attention fans. We are closing Federation X production of the show Stars Of X. It's Pay-Per-Views and such.

    This is due to busy schedules, we cannot dedicate the time to write the amount of segments each week. Recent weeks staff have stepped down and because of this we had to close Warzone. But now we cannot produce the show due to short of staff. at the moment it has a lot of pressure on us because of the increased work load of members stepping down.

    So we will be stopping production as of now after the PPV Breakdown. We will pick this up in the future when we get more staff to help out, as of right now it is to hard to make the shows.

    We apologize to all of our fans, the ones who have read from the beginning and the ones who had joined us along the way. We would like to thank you all for your support along the way and hope to pick this up later on down the line.

    From the Federation X Creative team. Thank You to all and we hope to see you later on
  2. It's a hard call bro, but It's for the best if no-one can dedicate enough time, I know I couldn't. Hope it returns soon!
  3. This horrible to see but I totally understand. It's a hard and stressful task writing and I'm impressed the way that you all manage to do it on time. I know I Fucked up last time but seriously, if you ever need somebody to write a segment or book at all, ill happily step in as long as it's not too much.
  4. We plan on rebooting the fed. But it will be much smaller. We will be using the superstars of people who are active here in the section and leave the non-active ones out.

    Please post here what characters you wish to keep in for the new fed. Any character not posted here will not be brought into the new show.
  5. I wish my character "Lacky" to be used. :otunga:
  6. Kyro and Nixon? I follow them both.
  7. This really sucks. :emoji_slight_frown:


    I'd step in and help too as a booker. maybe R'Albin and I could be a booker team?
  8. Sucks but it's expected. The work load you lot put on yourself was absurd and unrealistic without a team of dedicated passionate users. I still think a much shorter version or perhaps a real-life e-fed (like users obtain real wrestlers like Angle, Cena etc) would have been easier to book, write and would be more popular.

    But still, right decision. I'm unsure what to do with this section now though.
  9. We saw this posted before and we tried the real life wrestlers. It go no response to it.

    People were also asked about shorter versions and they voted for the current version. We are going to be planning for a while, have everything ready and then bring back the fed
  10. Zach Schmidt, please.
  11. It's definitely A LOT of work if you involved in college, or have a full-time job. The current creative have dedicated a lot of time into the program, and trust me when I say it keeps you active and putting most of your forum time into Fed X.

    It was really awesome, and I do miss it, it's just that finding the time to put into the show is just next to impossible. I'm barely active on the forums as it is now, so I can understand what the creative is going through right now, especially since a couple of the creative members are currently in a university right now.

    No worries Sackfist, I'm sure all of the readers can understand this. If not, well, I pity them. Great job on all of the dedication you have put into this man. You deserve it.
  12. I'll be looking forward for it coming back. i better see the smasher being used :finger:
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