Tempted to add a few more twitter controllers.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. During RAW, lots of trends are trending worldwide. I'm always too busy watching or posting in the discussion thread to capitalise on it. By capitalise on it I mean you send out "witty" tweets, or just good tweets out about those trending topics which results in exposure to our twitter and site. There's so many quick witted funny users here who could perhaps do it.

    Would anyone be interested?

    Edit - Now you've got find a way of rejecting me without bluntly telling me I'm not funny enough :jericho:
  3. I'M ON TWITTER 24/7!!!! Due to my job =)
  4. I'm on twitter a bit
  5. I never use Twitter, so I can't do it.
  6. I'll give it a shot inb4SeabsSTFU
  7. I tweet...
  8. Didn't expect this many entries. This can be a good thing, I was planning to do this just through RAW but we could make it a full time thing where you just go on, tweet something decent and do whatever at whatever time, I don't take the account too seriously but I've disabled the auto-tweet feed that we had and wanted it to remain active as we do have genuine followers lol.

    But I'm not sure on how many to limit too. :hmm:
  9. Wait so wtf do we do with the twitter jack?
  10. I want to add 3, but there's 4 users here who I see doing a really good job. Maybe I'll add 4 :S.
  11. Re: RE: Tempted to add a few more twitter controllers.

    Quit being a pussy and choose the three, embrace your inner dictader.
  12. Learn to play hardball and pick 3
  13. Re: RE: Tempted to add a few more twitter controllers.

    This is rude, don't pick this guy. Choose Savage three times, that would be the goat feed.
  14. Both dictader above are now banned from the twitter. OH, YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT SWERVE? :russo:

    First pick is Seabs.
  15. You couldn't pick a better dicktader there
  16. Re: RE: Tempted to add a few more twitter controllers.

    Oooo its like a draft, 1st round pick ftw.


    Just mad because he prefers my dictadering to yours.
  17. See I'm at a dilemma. I want to add Stop as he's very quick witted in his posts, and so is Ryan. I've not seen enough of Acailler's posts to judge, but he is a twitter-holic and on it a lot. #Decisions
  18. Stop > Ryan. Don't let a Scot run anything you'll end up with bear user bars again.
  19. Can't wait for Ryan to read that.
  20. I am neither witty nor funny :((
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