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  1. Is anyone going to be watching the Aus Open? :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. When's it on mate? Big Tennis fan here :emoji_slight_smile:.
  3. Same here :emoji_heart:
    I can't wait for Nadal to play :emoji_slight_smile:
    It should be on Free to Air Channel 7
  4. I'm from the UK. Channel 7 doesn't exist for me lol. If it's today though that helps, I'll just look around on Sky. Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:

  5. BOOO :emoji_slight_smile:
    And it starts next week on monday :emoji_slight_smile:
    Now its just the Sydney international (Not inportant, No one cares)
  6. So far :emoji_slight_frown:.

    Think Novak is going to win it in a final against Murray. Calling it.
  7. I absolutely hate Novak.
    Hes a complete dick, and a sore loser.
  8. Disagree. He's a humble guy like Federer. All the top players are pretty chill to be honest.
  9. Yeah, but Novak is ... Idk how to explain it.
    I remember watching a game a few years ago, and it was like a 30 Degree day,
    He was losing by 2 sets and was about to lose the game,
    Score was 4-2, advantage other player, and he just resigns from heat, Sore loser, :\
    Also, I watched the press conference for another game afterwoods, and he just bragged about it,
    Maybe its his English that makes it sound different, but idk..
  10. Jesus christ, how do these sports intrest you, UK people like soccer (football LOL) and Tennis, america is HOCKEY (CONTACT SPORT) AMERICAN FOOTBALL(CONTACT) BOXING(CONTACT) etc we like pain!!!
  11. You've never seen rugby have you? It's american football minus the cushioning.
  12. Football is fucking boring though, and it's only a 16 game season, Hockey is 82 games :emoji_grin:
  13. Ice hockey is amazing I'll give you that we have it over here also it's kinda like the mls is over there though.
  14. Hockey is the fucking shit lolol

  15. Don't go on about contact when every American contact sport seems to have padding in every single place. Rugby. Watch it.
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