Tensai being a boss, a racist boss but a boss

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  1. In no ways am I a racist but Tensai and Sakamoto are working a golden way to get him heat there.

  2. Lmao this is so funny
  3. After his MitB performance, putting Kidd over and this I now mark for him slightly.
  4. Re: RE: Tensai being a boss, a racist boss but a boss

    I'm no longer :alone:
  5. :yay:
  6. Ha, that's pretty funny, cruel, but funny.
  7. Kidd needs to start using Tout.
  8. Why does this need a mention in a Tensai thread lol, anyway he probably will soon now Tensai is on. They'll cyber feud.
  9. I am too braindead to finish my thought process.
    They should tout at eachother or whatever
  10. It's removed :upset:
  11. Think Tensai might get in a wee bit of trouble for this.
  12. I hope it doesn't effect Kidd. It could guarantee Kidd going over in the feud though. #TouchWood
  13. If they complain about this they're going over the line, since Tensai always beats Sakamoto up on screen and such.
  14. not funny anymore knowing he get punished :emoji_slight_frown: i dont like his character but he still a person with feeling!!!
  15. Racism is not funny
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