Tensai Labeled As “Overhyped Disappointment” By WWE

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Just release him. :otunga:
  2. Indeed.
  3. Bring back Albert!
  4. If only there were a group of people who first guessed that this would happen before he even debuted.

    OH WAIT, there is, it's called the IWC and we all saw this shit coming.
  5. It's WWE to blame, and no one else. Well, Tensai is to blame too, because he didn't stand up for himself behind the scenes. It's a shame, because he's probably the best big man in the world, and can playa monster role very well.
  6. I'm guessing you're talking about his time in Japan.
    That's what WWE does. They hire a guy with buzz and that's it.
  7. How about the fact that he's boring in the ring
  8. I didn't mind his ring work, but everything else was absolutely terrible.
  9. No, in Japan as Giant Bernard he was pretty good.
  10. WWE books him that way. Almost everyone from WWE is boring in the ring.
  11. Well in 'merica as Tensai he's pretty bad. His ring work fails to display him as a powerful giant. I need more powerbombs and more military press slams, otherwise he's just a fat lazy fuck.
  12. They won't let him do that, ffs.
  13. Even if he did do that he'd be the generic boring fuck we all complain about. As I said, his ring work is fine, he works a better monster than any other monster in WWE atm. He's just incredibly boring everywhere else.
  14. I wish he comes back to New Japan, where they let him be.
  15. There's no other monster if you're excluding Kane & Show who are both better
  16. Mark Henry > All.
  17. Not including Kane. Show is no way better in the ring than Tensai at working a monster... no idea how you got that conclusion. Henry is badass but his look > ring skills. Tensai is honestly a great monster worker inside the ring but that's it.
  18. Crayo the more you say Tensai is a good worker in the ring, the lower your credibility goes down with me, just thought you'd like to know that. Show isn't good, but he's better than Tensai. Tensai does too much holding like with that shoulder claw thing and it makes the match dull. Plus all that heavy ass breathing like that's suppose to make what your doing seem more intense. I agree with Regality, Henry has stepped up since his heal turn and I think he's the best monster even though he's out now