Tensai now Jason Albert

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Ed!, Mar 15, 2014.

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  1. On this weeks NXT, Commentary mentioned Tensai was now Jason Albert. That must mean his In-Ring Career is over I guess
  2. Maybe it's a repackage. Idk
  3. Well.... another successful gimmick ladies and gents!
  4. If that is him done, then it's a terrible way to go out, Sweet T, The commentary does him some justice
  5. Um, Jason Albert? If we're gonna ditch the gimmick names and start using ordinary sounding ones, just call him by his real one, Matt Bloom. But I guess they wanted to reference his past name being 'Albert" since the majority of the fan base knows him by that name and has chanted it at him quite often since he returned as Tensai. Guess there's also always that chance that he could eventually return to the ring (or even do a one-off feud on NXT or something), in which case it'd be easier to just refer to him as 'Albert' again.
  6. I like it. Not a bad name and you may as well stop hiding the Albert thing. Fits well in the current "our wrestlers have normal names because they're normal people with extraordinary athletic ability" era.
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  7. Jason is his middle name.
  8. Hmmm...

    So we had the "Attitude Era", the "Ruthless Aggression Era", the "PG Era",

    and now we have the "Our Wrestlers Have Normal Names Because They're Normal People with Extraordinary Athletic Ability Era"?

    Damn, that's a mouthful.

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  9. :lol1:

    You can come up with a catchy lil' two-word phrase thingamajig for it, I'm too bogged down by my forum gimmick of being an overly verbose Emma fanboy.

    You can use your gimmick of only using 2 little letters when you have to to adequately name this era of athelticism and shit. We're all waiting on you.
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  10. I laughed.

    But, seriously, I've heard this current era called the "Reality Era" in a few places. That would also fit the whole normal names for guys things.

    Although, in answer to your request, let's call it the "Awesome Normals Era".

  11. Imagine what all those wrestlers with all those tatoos are gonna look like when they're in their 70's and 80's?
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  12. Jason Albert is doing very well on the Network pre-shows. His commentary after the brutal beating on Bryan was impressive, & it made my butthole tingle.
  13. Dumped him and buried Brodus, classic Triple H haha...
  14. How is his commentary?
  15. It's edgy.

    Or at least that's what he thinks.

  16. :dawg:

  17. I like it. Since he's just going to be an announcer from now on, I guess a more mundane name was necessary. They got his middle name, Jason, and put with his old ring name Albert, a nice idea. I approve of this.
  18. All the talent in WWE, and Albert looks to be on TV again. Hopefully Brodus is on a nice diet to get his tit size down before they bring him back to bury Tensai once and for all.
  19. Nothing wrong with a couple of bears doing what they do best at the commentary desk. All natural men, bringing their intelligence and strength and musk.
  20. pretending a wrestler is a space travelling shaman or the childrens stories that go bump (IMGONNAGETYA) in the night wasn't fooling anyone with common sense
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