Tensai Sings Rudolph Song At House Show

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 28, 2012.

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  2. Shuttttt upppp

  3. I love you Tensai.
  4. They should let the dude show more personality like this on TV
  5. Just let him be Albert again. Hairy back and all!
  6. Whatever works. Sick of this guy getting squashed because he is talented.
  7. But we would all be sick of him on top lol.
  8. I agree. He is okay in the ring. I would like to see him in a tag team with Brodus Clay
  9. Re: RE: Tensai Sings Rudolph Song At House Show

    I'd team him with Tyson personally, try and recreate Bad Intentions to an extent.
  10. Hart Foundation 4.0? :jeritroll:
  11. Re: RE: Tensai Sings Rudolph Song At House Show

    Damn you perfect :angry:
  12. I don't have a problem with Tensai other than how the wwe booked him. His matches with Cena didn't have a point, even if he did go over Cena. There was no real build to his debut outside of those horrendous things that explained nothing. They gave up to soon, they screwed up the gimmick, and they did a load of little things that led nowhere (the Sakamoto assaults).Taker and Ace were the ones who asked for Tensai and this gimmick... They had faith in him, it apparently lasted for two weeks, tops. Now he is just a jobber who is supposedly a big threat to the faces. He is better than this and I don't want him on top but he's a complete joke at the moment
  13. They're slowly turning him into a comedy character.
  14. Couldn't really care for him in the ring, but this was entertaining and perhaps a step in the right direction. Tensai and Santino might be a good tag team, sort of like a second Team Hell No. Kane and DB then can move on to better roles.
  15. I feel sorry for Tensai here cause he's actually done nothing wrong, it's the god awful Japanese gimmick he has been given that has totally ruined him. He's a really good big man worker IMO, his matches with Sheamus and his work in the SD MITB is great.
  16. This is true. He could've been put in a serious role so we could see his monster work, but now he's just going to be another Vladimir Kozlov.
  17. Wait people like him now? I thought it was just me still.
  18. I don't think so, but I became a fan after the aforementioned matches, loved the SD one with Sheamus especially.
  19. Oh my, they are destroying this guy atm.. :facepalm:
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