Tensai title push?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DashingPerfection, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. All the new superstars that just debuted have gotten title pushes but Lord Tensai. I know he's had the feud with Cena when he was one of Laurinaitis's cronies, but what about a title push? The only titles I can see him going after is the Intercontinental Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. What do you think? Should Tensai get a title push like Sandow, Ryback, and Cesaro?
  2. No. Stop making topics.
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  3. Tensai is a veteran. He doesn't need a title. He is there to put over younger talents. He is already a one time intercontinental champion anyway.
  4. Thought this was like a news post, I slit one of my wrists.
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  5. :dawg:

    In all honesty, no. Probably because if he ever had a title run now, noone would care tbh. :pity1:
  6. No, he's not really over or anything.
  7. Tensai no garbage gimmick and currently not worth having him back for the money he is probs on.

    Fail on WWE's part imo in getting him back as just not the name he was to bring ppl in.
  8. He doesn't even deserve to have a short IC or US Title run. He certainly should be kept far away from the world titles. He's basically what you could call just a 'body', something who is filler for the roster at this point.
  9. His gimmick is awful and the fans dion't even react to him. He's pretty much like a "fancy" jobber. If he gets a title shot/push I'll have to write Vince an angry letter. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  10. Angry Letter PMSL so Daily Telegraph.
  11. I actually don't hate Tensai, but they totally killed him with that stupid ass gimmick. No way in hell was he going to be over/get heat.

    Anyway, to answer the question. No.
  12. I would hate it if he was in the title picture
  13. As Tensai he sucks!

    Shame as Albert etc I used to like him and he was pretty cool.
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