Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. He split up with Brodus, so what's next?

    I assume a match vs Brodus at a PPV to end their differences.

    But wouldn't it be better if he would return as A-Train after taking some time off?
    Imo, the Sweet T character won't last at all in WWE, and to bring his old gimmick back they could have some great storylines with it.

    The man is a great worker for his size (yes Stopspot, I've watched his Japan matches), and the A-Train gimmick wasn't that bad at all.

  2. Reports say they want these two as a top heel tag team, so they're probably swerving us here with teasing a break up between them.

    If he WERE to go back to being more of his A-Train self (which pretty much amounts to having little personality except being a typical monster heel who runs through people... not that I wouldn't enjoy that or anything), then he could just as well keep the Tensai name. Wouldn't make much difference.
  3. I've seen him alot on NXT commentary lately
  4. I think he needs a heel gimmick. To be honest, Tensai has what it takes to be one of the best heels of this era, but WWE will fuck his character up as they always do...
  5. He's a perfect monster midcarded but the lack of depth there is an issue, I'm not against giving him someone like Tyler Breeze to team with an arrogant shit with a monster is a great dynamic IMO.
  6. So we'll kinda get Bryan & Kane 2.0?
  7. Less comedic more arrogant, think HBK with Diesel.
  8. :gusta:
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