Kayfabe Tension

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  1. *The titantron lights up and shows Thomas Drago outside Tyson Frost's locker room, he opens the door and enters the room. Tyson is seen pulling his arm sleeve up with his back to the camera. He turns around and Drago cautiously starts his interview.*

    Drago: So, Tyson, surprisingly you're finding yourself in a match for the Iron Man Championship against J.J. Colton, a man that you've faced before and was unfortunately bested by, what does this mean for you?

    Tyson: Tommy. Tommy. Normally, I'd kick your teeth down your throat for saying that it's surprising to see me have an opportunity like this but this time, you have a very valid point. This year has been the worst year of my career. I'm the joke of this place right now, who cares if I'm putting on great matches every week if I lose every single one of them. The saying "you're only as good as your last match" doesn't apply to me right now. I'm good, I'm damn good, but I can't seem to pull a win out of the bag.

    This is normally the part where I make excuses for my recent losing streak, where I blame it on jet lag, on my opponent using an illegal weapon or move or something like that. I'm not going to anymore. The reason I haven't been able to get that win is because I don't care anymore. This job has it's low points and it's high points. One of the low points is that when you're not doing something you love, you feel like you're just there. You just come in, half ass it and go home. That's what I've been doing. My fire, my passion for this hasn't been here for a while now. I think that's a sign that something needs to change. So, if I lose tonight, if I lose this championship match, I'll know for sure whether this...
    *He points at a poster with himself, Jason Frost and Ty Creed on it, before continuing.* Is who I am.

    Drago: So, what you're saying is tha-

    *Jason barges in before Thomas could finish.*