Terrible Booking Strikes Again

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  1. Well, TNA's retarded booking strikes again. Here they are Jobbers & Rejects (spite, I know), they're in TNA with a lot of bad rep booking behind themselves, and what is TNA doing in their favor? They lose ALL THE FUCKING TIME, making their previous bad rep justified in the eyes of viewers. I'm a HUGE Sting mark, but he practically BERIED poor Knox. It's a booking disaster, and why would anyone give a shit about the A&Es?

  2. Agree with you on that. Sting buried the guy when he's supposed to be the big mean dude in A&8s.
  3. I like your Stone Cold rectangle.
  4. Lets face it...Mike Knox couldn't beat Sting anyway.
  5. BERIED?

    Seems to me they've been dragging this angle out way too long anyway. The first ever Impact I watched was the one where they kidnapped Hogan and Sting and brought them to their 'lair' and that was like three months ago. Fast forward to nearly a 100 days later, they're still dragging it out and having even unmasked all of the guys yet.
  6. So you made the exact same thread as me? lol.
  7. Call me crazy but I like the aces story line, to me if they unmasked them all too soon what would be the point? Build, reveal, build, reveal. It may not be Randy Orton under the mask but hey I for one am starting interested. People bash wwe for screwing up invasion angles such as the nexus saying its too short, now bashing tna for it being to long?

    Plus let's not forget that Matt Morgan who is a major player in tna was once a "jobber and reject" from wwe

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  8. I think this thread is bashing how the members of the stable are losing constantly on their own and as a team, it makes them look like crap.
  9. Things that fucksuck in TNA right now:

    -Aces & Eights angle
    -Hardy world champ
    -Bully/Hogan angle
    -RVD as X Division Champ
    -Team Nacho Bell Grande as Tag champs

    I'm positive there is more that I'm forgetting.
  10. Tag division's greatest moment since BFG was Chavo's angry face from last Impact. I think that speaks volumes.
  11. I think that about sums it up.
  12. It must be so hard being right all the time.
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  13. @Rain I love you, stay online you fucker.
  14. On-topic post: Given the way Aces and Eights have been booked, it only makes sense for Sting to plow through this jobber in so little time.
    Terrible booking? The fact that this storyline is still treated like a big deal... or even exists at all.

    The faster this job squad goes away, the faster they can get back to the people who made TNA the awesome show it was in early-mid 2012. Hopefully the president isn't someone obvious and they pay this off with something interesting...

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  15. Anything with the Ace's & 8's is bad honestly. They need to hurry up and reveal the leader already and get started with other things. This should have either ended long ago, or been built up with Ace's being dominate and running shit for a while by now.
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