Tessa Blanchard Accused of Being a Racist and Bullying.

Kairi HoHo

Very interesting news to hear for sure before Hard to Kill that ended Hours ago. I do question why talk now ladies? You've had plenty of opportunities to say something and now you talk? If she did do these things for sure not a good look for her. Now when it comes to Stardom because when they talk Japan it's with Stardom, Rossy wouldn't allow this and seeing as the talent that were with Stardom that were gaijin like Toni, Kay Lee Ray who she rolled with at that time, you think they wouldn't of confronted her on that during that moment?I like to hear those two especially about Tessa, I would imagine they wouldn't have a bad thing to say about her. Till I hear more about this I'm not in either Camp, but it's pretty crazy to hear and for Impact they don't want a Patron situation with Paige to where they make a decision without hearing all the facts and they'll sit back and wait and see how this further develops before doing or saying anything I feel.

Even Shanna who I have high respect for is saying Tessa was doing stuff in Japan, but never gave examples which is like say it and not beat around the bush. Shanna was with Stardom around the time this allegedly happened, so once again Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray need to step up and say something because they were there too, unless WWE tells them not to get involved.


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This may be the strangest, most out of nowhere thing i may say on this forum...

But i agree with Jeffry on this one.

Tessa's match, beyond any doubt, is one of the biggest matches not only in her career but the industry, the first time ever that a women is gonna be World Champion, and not just womens champion, but champion period over the men and women, the champion of the entire brand period.

The magnitude of this event cannot be understated on the possible shockwave it could have across the industry, and i find it very convient how NOW was the time that women was "given permission" to speak up, now of all days.

We live in a entertainment and social day and age where more often then not when someone is about to be or has just been super successful, people come out of nowhere to bring them down, for better or worse, its practicly a common accurence and we tend to believe words more then evidence, a few people speak up and suddenly their words become truth regardless of the lack of actual proof, the fact they waited so long every single time just makes it look even more like some evil scheme made with the fact that people these days believe everything they read depending on who says it.

Im not here to say if Tessa said or did those things, because i cant say for certain, there is no evidence, only accusations, but what i can say is her becoming world champion, despite the circumstances, will have a huge effect on this industry and weither they like it or not, she might have just changed the industry for the better.

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I suggest we abolish the word “racism” from the Universe. Lets see how are these gimpy snowflakes gonna slander in that scenario

Oh, and also this retarded euphamism “nword”

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