Testify Q&A - Brace Yourselves

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Testify, Nov 24, 2013.

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  1. Ask anything, I might just answer it.

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  3. How did you become leader of Deadmans hand (Formally known as nWo)

    Your favourite member?

    What do you love doing on your free time?

    Favourite sport?
  4. - Aids left the club, so did D'Z... so I took over, re-named the damn thing, made an instant turning point for the club and so on.

    - Two or three, won't name them.

    - Shooting basketball, watching wrestling, watching basketball and european football, watching some good tv series

    - Basketball
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  5. Thanks brother. Was curious about those :emoji_grin:
  6. Are your favorite members named after a Nazi and the weather?
    How'd you get into wrestling?
    Where the fuck is JoeRulez?
    How much of a bitch is Crayo?
  7. How much can Xanth bench press?

    What is Gabe Sapolsky's major malfunction?

    Why is Mickey Mouse a BAMF?
  8. - Maybe, then maybe they aren't, as my friend Meltzer often says

    - It was basically WCW '98 and Bradshaw in WWF '99

    - Saw him yesterday in other wrestling section, logically. I think he became an electrician or something similar (horse raiser?). Really don't know

    - He is a pussy bitch. On a scale of 10, he is a million
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  9. - 750.000 donuts and 250.000 lbs of sugar

    - Fapping to Chris Hero

    - Mickey is a GOAT MILF, stfu
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  10. So Mickey Mouse is a female now and not a bad ass motherfucker :cornette:

    Does ms Testify floss?
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  11. Barely, she's kinda ****
  12. Does she even lift bro?
  13. :robbie:

    yes, the same weight that my penis has, if u know what I mean
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Brothers or whores?
    A cold beer with your brothes or a cold beer while watching Sting vs Bully at Slammiversary XI?
  16. Is it true you once destroyed an entire nation by swinging your dick?
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  17. Is this even a question? Test's dick is God. His cum created this universe and can destroy it as well
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  18. Whores, because brothers are always there for you, whores aren't (unless $$).

    Cold beer with brothers WHILE watching Sting/Bullymania.

    Yeah, it was nation called Chestnuts. I swang so hard with my dick that the "nuts" of their name fell down, so it wasn't worth it if the nation was simply called "Chest" as we already have that word on human body.
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  19. Where do you find your amazing facts from?

    When do I get to rejoin DMH, asshole?

    Hey, fuck face. Nashville is bullshit.
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