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  1. If this works, you can embed youtube videos by [yt]link[/yt] which is much easier.

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  2. Testing past well?

    Why do I always think of Test when threads like these open? Such a mindfuq.


    Random Impact review.
  3. Yeah it passed (not past you tit :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:) :laugh:

    So much easier than [video=youtube]
  4. what the different? from the way did it before?
  5. It was [video=youtube]URL[/video]
    Now it's [yt]URL[/yt]
  6. thats right faggot
  7. [yt]http://www.youtube.com/watchvfeature=player_detailpage&v=-PCSOoZvBgk[/yt]

    Not working on my side?
  8. Crayo, you should allow embedding for Streaming, but only make it visible to registered members only, and not make the section visable to crawlers.
  9. Delete everything from "?" to "v" .

  10. Nope..:sad:
  11. :matt: Fucking Youtube fags. I dunno then...
  12. Lol no worries, just using [video=youtube]url[/video] then..
    I already was getting used to it.
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