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  1. So I wanted to play TEW and needed to record the shows from somewhere and why not here? Shows will start from 1st week of January. Also the champs start just like how it is on 31 December 2015. Also only Raw and SD will be booked.
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  2. I'll be pretty interested in following this. #Comment is here mainly so I get alerts when it's updated.
  3. 4 January 2016 WWE RAW

    CT XL Center - Hartford, Connecticut

    12.885 attendance

    We see what has happened between Roman Reigns and The Authority since the injury of Seth Rollins. All the things that has happened between Roman-Sheamus & Authority.

    After the video recap Stephanie McMahon comes out and talks about how Roman has disrespected his family. He assaulted them and got along with it, until now. Tonight, Steph says, Roman will pay for all those things he had done. Tonight the paradise turns into a living hell for Roman by the hands of a McMahon. And the McMahons will continue until Roman gives up! Steph drops the mic and heads to the backstage.

    Neville b. Tyler Breeze - RR Qualifying Match
    There is no Summer Rae with Tyler. Neville wins after 8:02 of action.

    Kevin Owens is at the backstage. Renee Young comes out and wants to ask questions but Kevin does not want to answer because Renee is not objective. Renee is as subjective as she can be as she is Dean's girlfriend. Kevin warns Renee to back away because if she does not, he can make things that he should regret, but he won't regret. Owens leaves.

    Dolph Ziggler b. Mark Henry - RR Qualifying Match

    Jey Uso is at the backstage. He is talking with Jimmy. He asks where the hell he is. We understand that Jimmy is coming to the arena. Jey asks how Naomi is. Then he says bye and turns around, LEAGUE OF NATIONS! Rusev hits with a high front kick! Then Alberto starts to punch down Jey who is lying on the floor. They lift Uso up and Barrett hits the Bullhammer. They smirk and leave.

    We see a video package about Intercontinental Title Feud.

    LoN is at the backstage. Sheamus says he can't join them as he is busy tonight. They say it's not a problem, they can overcome the problems just like they eliminated Jey Uso. Barrett laughs and says same will happen to Cena tonight when he faces Cena! Alberto applauds and says it's not necessary because everybody knows he can beat Cena. Alberto smiles and we head back to ring.

    Lucha Dragons b. Dudley Boyz vs Dean Ambrose & Jey - #1 Contenders Title
    As Jey is injured, Dean tags up with him. When match is coming to close, Kalisto hits a enzuigiri, Dean was about to fall but does a rebound clothesline! When they both were down "Fight" hits through PA System and there comes Kevin Owens! Dean looks at him and heads outwards. Before that he tags Jey. Jey goes nuts and follows Dean, when Jey is about to get out Bubba tags in and goes for a punch but Kalisto ducks it and does a Salita Del Sol! When D-Von tries to break the count, Sin Cara does him a springboard arm drag. Lucha Dragons wins and become #1 Contenders.

    Dean Ambrose is at the backstage. He says he doesn't know where he is but says he will find him and- OWENS ATTACKS FROM BEHIND! Owens takes up Dean and sends him to wall! Then hits him in the face with a chair! He takes Dean up but referees comes there and Owens throws Dean to them and leaves.

    Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar comes with a huge pop. Paul Heyman says his client will join the Royal Rumble this year because he wants to! He says that his client will go through all other 29 superstars and headline Wrestlemania, just like last year! But this time there will be no sneaky man! Heyman states that it is a new year and his client wants to wrestle! He wants to train a bit so his client issues a challenge to anyone in the back. Heyman admits that he does not expect anyone to face his Beast because there is no one in the back that has the balls to-

    REBORN! Curtis Axel is at the entrance with no reaction. Heyman does a facepalm and Lesnar smiles a bit. Axel has a mic in his hand and walks down the ramp as he says "I have been in the Royal Rumble for nearly a year! I did not get eliminated this year and this year I will get what is rightfully mine! The Wrestlemania Main Event because I am Mr. Wrestlemania! The Main Event!" Axel enters the ring. "So if my old friend Lesnar wants to learn how it is like to be in Royal Rumble match... He can learn it from a man who has been in the Royal Rumble for almost a year-" Lesnar hits Axel in the face but he does not continue! He takes off his shirt and throws it to the fans! Heyman goes out and Lesnar says get up to Axel.

    Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman b. Curtis Axel
    Lesnar murders Axel. Period.

    We see Wyatt Family in that black room of theirs. Bray says they are on a roll. He and his family has beat them all! They have ended those Extreme Clunker Wrestlers of the past. Rowan says now they have a new goal. Harper: "A new target..." Wyatt says that it is Royal Rumble and his family will dominate Royal Rumble and crush the dreams of the all participants! In the end all they will see is his family standing tall! Strowman takes the mask and "RUN!"

    John Cena b. Bad News Barrett
    In the last few minutes of the match Cena starts to get the upperhand but that's where LoN factor comes in. Rusev goes up to apron and referee is distracted. Alberto steps in but Cena takes him and AA's him. As Cena gets up Barrett Bullhammers him and goes for a pinfall but there comes Jey Uso! He gets on the apron and distracts the referee! Barrett shouts at him and there comes Rusev from outside but Jey kicks him in the face and then does a flying clothesline! Barrett is distracted from what is happening outside, he turns around and Cena lifts him up for an AA, 1 2 3! Cena Wins LOL.

    Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are leaving the arena. Renee interrupts them and asks about tonight. Heyman says that it was a shame. A former protege of him doing this is ridicilous according to Heyman. Axel got no lessons from Heyman in Heyman's mind. Heyman says that his client is not satisfied and will go for another match and wants a good one!

    Vince McMahon is at the backstage. Getting ready to the match that he will referee in. Renee Young asks why he was off the cameras all night. Vince says that he had somethings to do. That's only his business. That was what is good for business. Vince leaves and now Roman vs Sheamus for WWE World Heavyweight Title!

    Roman Reigns (c) vs Sheamus - WWE World Heavyweight Title Match - Special Referee Vince McMahon
    Roman does a spear in the late minutes of the match and goes for a cover but Vince does not count! Roman gets angry and argues with Vince. Sheamus gets up and goes for a Brogue Kick but as Roman moves away, Sheamus hits Vince in the face! Sheamus can't believe this and looks down at Vince but when he turns around, SUPERMAN PUNCH! He does his "UUUUUAAAAAA" thing and...

    TRIPLE H! Crowd goes nuts! Roman looks back at the entrance but no one comes. He turns around and Triple H hits Roman with the sledgehammer! Roman is down! HHH hits again with the sledgehammer! HHH takes Roman up and takes him out! He sends Roman to barricade swiftly then he gets a chair and beats down Roman! He hits Roman in the back for a couple of times. In the end he takes Roman to announcers table and takes him up and does a Pedigree! Triple H taunts and gets booed as cameras go out.


    There is no injury for Jimmy Uso. This was kayfabe.
    Brock Lesnar being wrestle on Raw was to make ratings go higher.​
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  4. 7 January 2016 WWE SmackDown

    Kevin Owens opens the show. Says that what he had done to Dean Ambrose until now is nothing. He is just beating down his body now. But at Royal Rumble, Owens says that he will take "his" title back and crush the spirit of Dean Ambrose because he is not as good as Kevin Owens. He is not even close. As Owens talks on Neville interrupts him. He says he didn't forget what Owens did to him back in 2015's last Raw. Neville wants a match but Owens says he does not have any time. Neville asks if Owens is afraid of the fact that this match may end in less than 21 seconds! Owens goes mad and says Neville wanted it and he will pay consequences because in the end everybody pays their debts to him. First you, then Ambrose... Says Owens.

    Curtis Axel b. Ryback - Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
    Axel has a gimmick like Shawn Michaels. Not the style but the moves he does and the way he talks. He wins via pinfall after a superkick. He says that he will win the Rumble this year and will show everyone that there is only one Mr. Wrestlemania and it is himself!

    Dean Ambrose is at the backstage. Renee Young comes and she was about to ask a question but Dean interrupts her. He wants her to stay away from her a bit as Owens is off the limit. But he says that this is for now and will end soon because Owens will not be the one who collects the debts. He will be the one who pays the debts and his debt is more than he can pay. So Dean must find something out. Renee is still there. Dean looks at her, takes the mic and tells Renee to leave. Renee leaves and Dean looks at the mic. "You will owe me a good fight and you better bring it!".

    We see LoN at the backstage. BNB laughs as they just watched Ambrose's promo. Barrett says that on Raw, he will beat Dean Ambrose and qualify to Royal Rumble match. Alberto says that tonight he will send Jey Uso to his injured brother but not a visitor, as a companion in the hospital!

    Rusev b. R-Truth - Royal Rumble Qualifying Match

    New Day comes and brings a promo. They talk about planes. They say people like planes because planes are fast, they fly and they are a bit out of mind. This reminds them a team... Lucha Dragons. But planes come down and crash as Big E remembers us. Woods jokes as he says just like Sin Cara falls when he slips from the top rope! Also, says Woods, they fly as well says Woods. But he adds that he can fly! Also Kofi can fly Woods says. Kofi reminds us what he has done in the recent years of Royal Rumble! He says that "You will see a bit more of that unicorn magic." Woods continues and says "As your W W E TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSSSSSSS" Big E continues "WILL BE IN THE ROYAL RUMBLE! BECAUSE..." NEW DAY ROCKS! They chant with the crowd and here is our next match.

    Big E b. Sin Cara

    Dolph Ziggler is at the backstage. He is heading to the parking lot but suddenly Wyatt Family attacks him from the back! Harper, Rowan and Strowman! Rowan sends Ziggler to the wall and Ziggler bounces from the wall as his head hits right to the wall. Rowan does a spinning leg lariat. Strowman lifts Ziggler up to a triangle choke. As Ziggler fades away they leave there.

    Now Bray Wyatt is in that dark room. Smiling at us. Only he is there. As smoke ascends in the room, Bray's laugh gets even louder. "Why?.. Why did my family attacked Dolph Ziggler? Is it to eliminate him from the Rumble? No... He will get up and try to fight as he always tried. But as I said that was not our intention... We wanted to send a message... To Ziggler... And to all competitors... In the Rumble match I want all of you in that ring to destroy all of you with my family and leave you lying down on the mat... Just like Ziggler did! And you all will fall before you can..." Strowman comes by and takes the mast off "RUN!"

    Alberto Del Rio b. Jey Uso - Royal Rumble Qualifying Match

    We see a reminder of what has happened between Triple H and Roman Reigns back in Raw this past week.

    Kevin Owens b. Neville


    WWE has released Los Matadores & El Torito, Hornswoggle, Cameron.

    WWE had no Divas action both on SmackDown and Raw. That's because the creative team has no idea about what they will do about the Divas Title as things got a bit messy since the dissolution of PCB with the Paige promo. Also Paige and Sasha Banks had an incedent at the backstage of Raw. Paige might get some fines because of her actions.

    WWE is looking to get some talent from NXT. Also WWE is looking out for some big names and new names from other companies.​

    There is no way that Daniel Bryan is going to be at the Royal Rumble. Hey may be at Wrestlemania but he won't recover until Rumble.
  5. 11 January 2016 WWE Raw

    Triple H opens the show with mixed reaction. Triple H asks Roman if he thought that all he had done will go away. Triple H says this is not a river, this is not a stream. What people do do not flow away, they stay and cause problems and this is what will happen to Roman. Roman attacked him at TLC, punched his boss and father Vince McMahon, disrespected his wife... Says that Roman has a lot in his list and what will hit him is not karma. What will hit him is the same thing that hit him last week on Raw and that is The Game itself. Because here in WWE, you don't play the Game, Game plays with you! He says that he won't wait any longer! Tonight, Roman Reigns will be agains The Game himself! Triple H! Crowd cheers and HHH drops the mic, goes to backstage.

    BNB b. Dean Ambrose - Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
    Rusev tries to interfere but Dean takes him down with a flying forearm smash. Del Rio distracts Dean and BNB gets the win with a roll up!

    We see Paige at the backstage. She says that tonight she will beat Becky Lynch and become the #1 Contender for Divas Title. With this win she will get what is rightfully hers.

    We see a video about Brock Lesnar! He will be here tonight!

    Luke Harper & Erick Rowan b. Dudley Boyz

    John Cena gives an interview. Says if LoN wants to play like this he is okay with that as he had lots of fights like this. He is the champ people want to see and he will get the title back whether it is easy or not. So at Royal Rumble he will face Alberto Del Rio and become United States Champion. Also he says that he will enter Royal Rumble that night and will get the chance of headlining Wrestlemania so that he can become United States & WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the same time! He had a chance but somebody costed him loss of that chance. Cena says he has a chance now and he won't let anybody ruin it.

    John Cena b. Rusev via DQ
    As Alberto Del Rio attacks Cena, referee calls DQ.

    Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar is in the ring. Heyman says that his client wants a real competitor. So if somebody who is unworthy to face Brock Lesnar comes here he swears that Lesnar will end his career. Heyman says "What about doing what you couldn't done at Wrestlemania Roman? Wanna face the Beast and show everyone who is the man?! To do that you must put your title on the line-" HELLFIRE! Sheamus interrupts Heyman and says he will face Brock Lesnar tonight. That's because he can beat The Beast! That's because he is better than Roman Reigns. He can do what Roman Reigns couldn't do. He is Mr. 5:15 and he will get his title back as Sheamus says. Heyman looks at Lesnar and Lesnar nods! The match is on!

    Brock Lesnar b. Sheamus
    In a great match that took 11:54, Brock Lesnar hits F-5 and beats Sheamus.

    Paige vs Becky Lynch - #1 Contenders Match for Divas Title
    Charlotte comes before the match and joins the announcing team. As Becky locks a Dis-arm-her, Charlotte runs in and attacks both! Referee gives a no contest as Charlotte continues her attack. She hits Natural Selection to Paige then locks the Figure 8 to Becky. Then she leaves them in the ring as she takes her title and goes to backstage.

    Team B.A.D. is at the backstage. They are watching what has happened and they are laughing. They lack unity says Sasha. This is what Team B.A.D. says. We are a team, Naomi says, we are not 3 woman who think their profit. Tamina says they are united and focused. Soon Team B.A.D. will rise with the power of unity!

    New Day comes out and they cut a promo about being in the Royal Rumble. When one of them wins the Rumble, all three of them will be the winners and later on they will be on Wrestlemania main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which we will win says Kofi. Big E screams "Because" then they do New Day Rocks.

    New Day b. Jey Uso & Lucha Dragons - Elimination Over the Top Rope Team Battle Royal
    At last, Woods eliminates Kalisto and wins the Battle Royal for his team.

    Roman Reigns comes down from the stairs for his match against Triple H but suddently LoN attacks him! They beat him down but Roman fights back and hits Del Rio with the Superman Punch! Rusev lariats him and takes him down, locks Accolade but Roman takes him up and slams him down! Barrett goes for a Bullhammer but Roman ducks and Spear! As he does his taunt, Sheamus hits him with the Brogue Kick! Sheamus sends him in but Dean Ambrose comes for the aid! Dean and Sheamus hit each other with punches while Roman tries to recover, until Owens runs in and attacks Ambrose and takes him out. Owens tries a apron powerbomb but Dean blocks it and they fight towards the backstage. As they went to backstage it's only Roman and Sheamus in the ring. Sheamus taunts for a Brogue Kick but Roman does a huge Spear! But suddenly Triple H hits him with the sledgehammer! Then he lifts Roman and Pedigrees him! As LoN recover they enter the ring and pose as Roman lies on his back.​
  6. 14 January 2016 WWE SmackDown

    Dean Ambrose opens the show. He says for weeks Owens has descimated him but tonight it will end. Dean says he has no intentions of waiting until Royal Rumble as he wants to do it tonight. Owens joins from titantron and says that he would like it but he can't wrestle and that has 2 reasons. 1 he is in Canada, 2 he won't fight for nothing. If title is on the line, Owens says, I would be there in matter of seconds. But since not, Owens won't be there. Dean says he will put his title on the line! Owens says then you got it, Dean looks confused. Owens attacks him from behind and sends him for Pop Up Powerbomb but Dean turns it into a hurricanrana! Owens goes out and grabs a mic "Tonight you won't face me because your opponent is Alberto Del Rio!"

    Curtis Axel b. Darren Young
    Axel gets the win with Superkick. After the match he grabs the mic and says he will win the Rumble because he must headline Wrestlemania.

    Dean Ambrose is at the backstage. Says that Owens is still a coward. A striking coward. He attacks him but this is always when his guards are down. From now on, Dean says, he is waiting for a strike every single second and if Owens gets close to him, he must be ready for Dean's dirty deeds!

    We see a video package about what has happened on the main event of Raw.

    Cosmic Wasteland b. Titus O'Neil & Heath Slater & R-Truth

    Rusev & BNB b. Jey Uso & Ryback

    Dolph Ziggler is at the backstage. Says that he is on a roll and looking forward to Royal Rumble. Tonight he has a chance to prove that he belongs to main event as he will face #1 contender Sheamus. He says that tonight he will beat Sheamus, on Rumble, he will win 30 man over the top rope match and at Wrestlemania he will beat the champion. He has to do this because he has to show the world!

    Dudley Boyz b. Lucha Dragons
    New Day was on commentary. They do a hilarious commentating. New Day interferes and Kalisto has distracted. Dudleys hit the 3D and gets the win. After the match New Day enters the ring and trash talk Lucha Dragons but Dudley Boyz and Lucha Dragons attack them. New Day barely escapes the ring.

    Sheamus b. Dolph Ziggler

    We learn that Brock Lesnar will be on Raw again!

    Dean Ambrose b. Alberto Del Rio
    Alberto hits an enzuigiri but Dean does a rebound clothesline. When both are down LoN comes down to the ring. They surround the ring but Truth Reigns hits the PA System! Roman Reigns comes down and Superman Punches Rusev! Sheamus tries a Brogue Kick but Roman ducks and Superman Punches him also! BNB comes but Spear! ADR tries to go outside the ring but Dean pulls him and Dirty Deeds! 1 2 3! Roman and Dean is over the


    Randy Orton had a surgery and he may be out for a year.

    WWE has hired Stephen Amell and sent him to NXT to train.

    WWE is pushing new names but WWE has fall to National size which shocked the company. WWE will make guys like Cena, Reigns work more so that ratings will go up. They are not sure to repackage some names or not.

    Also WWE has signed a contract with a huge name but it's kept as a secret for now. This person may debut at Rumble or Wrestlemania.​
  7. 18 January 2016 WWE Raw

    AK Sullivan Arena

    Mr. McMahon opens the show. He invites Roman Reigns to the ring. He wants to say something. Roman comes down and enters the ring. Vince says he was wrong all the time. Roman is the guy. He beat all the odds he had and now... He just has more! Suddenly Sheamus with the Brogue Kick! HHH enters the ring and punches Roman who lies down on his back! Then HHH gets him up and hits the Pedigree!

    New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) b. Dudley Boyz
    Before the match New Day cut a promo about Royal Rumble, which they will win. Also they will retain the tag team titles. After that, they will get the all golds in the WWE. Because, NEW DAY ROCKS!

    Paige is at the backstage. Renee asks her about her match against Sasha tonight. Paige says Sasha is good but she is not as good as her. Sasha and her irrelevant team may talk all they want but at Rumble they will have a new champ and that champ will be from England!

    Stardust b. Kane
    Kane hits the uppercut and goes for a chokeslam but Ascension goes up to the apron. Kane takes down Konnor then Viktor but Stardust does a springboard high kick! He gets the win. After the match Ascension attack Kane and Stardust does the Queen's Crossbow.

    Dolph Ziggler is at the backstage. He says that on Thursday night, things didn't go as well as he thought but Royal Rumble will be different. 2015 was terrible for him but in 2016- Big Show cuts him off and says 2016 will be Show Off for him. Show will end because tonight he will face The Big Show and Show will knock him out. Show smirks and leaves.

    Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Braun Strowman) b. Fandango & R-Truth

    John Cena is at the backstage. When he was not in WWE this fall, he was watching Raw but he was irritated by Alberto Del Rio. After all he and all open challengers has done for the title, ADR is a disgrace. He does nothing for that title. Naming it as MexAmerican Title is a disrespect to United States. If he goes to a Mexican promotion, is it appropriate for him to change the name? No. He says he will beat Alberto on Royal Rumble and he will become 4 time United States Champion!

    Dolph Ziggler b. Big Show

    Sasha Banks is at the backstage. Team B.A.D. is there. They remind Paige's words tonight earlier. She says herself and Team B.A.D. will show her who is the BOSS!

    We see a video about The Rock! He will be at Royal Rumble!

    Triple H is at the backstage. Renee finds him and asks what he thinks about it. HHH says he made it happen because it's best for business. Rock is a huge name and he is always welcome in WWE. He looks forwards for what he is going to do.

    Paige b. Sasha Banks

    Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are in the ring. Heyman says he won't talk for long because tonight is about action not words. His client is looking for a solid fight. Sheamus gave a bit but that was not enough. His client is a Conqueror and deserves more. Is this what WWE can offer to him? Heyman says he and his clients want more. So bring what you have best, says Heyman. They wait a bit and DERP! Wyattss are in the ring! Lesnar smiles and says come on! Wyatt Family gets ready but Bray tells her boys to go backstage! They obey Bray and go backstage. Bray and Lesnar look at each other! Fans are wild! But there comes lots of jobbers, midcarders to stop the fight before it starts! "Let them fight" chants heard in the crowd but Bray smiles and leaves the ring without any problem. He goes out to the ring and screams "Royal Rumble". DERP again and Bray is gone! Lesnar looks furious and he F-5's Bo Dallas! Then Titus O'Neil! Mark tries to stop him but Brock does a German Suplex! Another! And another! What a power! Heyman tells enough, save it for Rumble, and they head to backstage.

    A promo about Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. True Brothers.

    Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio b. Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose
    In our main event LoN comes once again but Usos come down and send Barrett & Rusev away as they fight. Inside the ring Sheamus does a Brogue Kick but when Dean was about to fall a rebound clothesline! Dean goes for cover but Del Rio breaks it. Del Rio gets Dean up but Dean hits quick jabs and sends Del Rio outside. He tags in Roman and Roman gets up, goes for Superman Punch but Sheamus ducks it and hits Dean in the face! Dean is down to outside! Roman can't believe it, in matter of seconds, Sheamus does a roll up and gets the win! He goes outside and celebrates the win with Del Rio. Dean enters the ring and holds his jaw while Roman tells what has happened. Show ends in this way.


    This week's Raw made 6.03 rating on USA Network which is higher from last week (5.93)​
  8. 21 January 2016 WWE SmackDown

    John Cena opens the show. Says that he is fed up with LoN on Raw and probably fans got tired seeing them every single second. So he came here to make a difference and- BNB interrupts him. He says that few weeks ago Cena was lucky against him but tonight, Barrett says, he will destroy him. Cena says "If you want some come and" but BNB interrupts him again. Says "But the problem is he is there to get some!" Cena turns around and Sheamus lays him down with a Brogue Kick! Sheamus taunts over the fallen Cena. Our main event tonight is Cena vs Sheamus!

    The Ascension b. PTP

    Dean Ambrose is at the backstage. Renee asks him if everything is okay between him and Roman. He says everything is fine. Dean is not furious to Roman, sometimes things may not go well. On Monday night that happened but tonight, LoN will get some payback.

    Curtis Axel b. Tommy Dreamer

    We see a video package of what has happened on Raw main event.

    Kevin Owens is at the backstage. He says Dean and his bromance partner Roman have some trouble. Owens says that is heartbreaking... For Dean. Because at the Royal Rumble PPv, he will get his title back and he will win the Royal Rumble to go on and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion on Wrestlemania! Ryback looks at him. Owens says "What happened "the guy I beat not once but twice?" Ryback says none of those things he said will happen. He calls Owens stupid! Owens looks at him and challenges him by saying "Come down to the ring tonight, and we will see who is stupid!"

    Dudleyz are at the backstage. They say they do not have a schedule now so they are scouting. They say one team attracted their attention but not by their talent but with their fierce. That team is The Ascension. Dudleyz challenge them for Raw.

    Kalisto b. Kofi Kingston

    Kevin Owens b. Ryback

    Bray Wyatt is at the backstage. "On Raw, I give you a glimpse of destruction. What will happen in the Royal Rumble. We will bring destruction to that ring and that destruction includes Brock Lesnar! The Beast Incarnate, The Conqueror!.. He will fall, just like the others. They will fall one by one over the top rope and they will see when they lay down on their back, they will see the buzzards up in the sky!" Bray laughs creeply.

    John Cena b. Sheamus

    Ratings: 3.30 (Last week 3.34 on Syfy)​
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