Texas jury finds dad not guilty in mysterious shooting of drunk driver who killed his two sons

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  1. "A fascinating case. Imagine this: A man and his two boys are pushing their car along a road,just 100 yards or so from their home, after it runs out of gas. Another car comes barreling along and smashes into the rear of their vehicle, crushing one of the kids instantly and throwing the other far enough that he later dies from his injuries. The driver, who turns out to have been drunk, is unconscious at the scene in the driver’s seat. When the cops arrive a short time later, he has a bullet in his head."

    source: http://hotair.com/archives/2014/08/...ting-of-drunk-driver-who-killed-his-two-sons/

    That's a really interesting case, lots of theories spinning around, if he did it, if he's innocent, but most of all: Was it justified? Lots of debates going on all around regarding the case, any thoughts?
  2. Drunk drivers should all die. Justified.
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  3. It's a really interesting case, considering he didn't own a gun apparently. I was hoping he would get acquitted of it, his kids were like 9 and 12.

    As for the all drunk drivers should die, Wisconsin would be one desolate place. It's a stupid ass thing to do, it's a shame there isn't more advertising to let people realize $20 in a cab to get home and back to your ride could be done every weekend for a year and would still be less expensive than a DUI. I also wish our busing systems ran until 4am and started back up at 6.
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  4. I wouldn't have persecuted him even if he did put a bullet in his head.
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  5. I get that he wasn't with full control of his mental capabilities(assuming he did it), so reducing the penalty is just, but we do not live in the fucking jungle, we need buroucracy to decide the fate of people, it would be insane if vigilantism was allowed IMO
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