News Texas secession movement targets 2018 ballot

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Extraterrestrial, Jun 24, 2016.

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  1. While Britain’s vote to leave the European Union shocked even some ‘Brexit’ supporters, the Texas Nationalist Movement is confident Texans will vote for independence in 2018. Now Governor Greg Abbott is being asked to answer their ‘Texit’ appeal.
    The last state to secede from the US was Texas 155 years ago, but history does repeat itself from time to time. That time is now, or at least will be in 2018, if the Texas Nationalist Movement gets its way.

    From Brexit to Texit: Texas secession movement targets 2018 ballot

    lol Texas :gtfo:
  2. Unlike Texas, the United Kingdom can function as an independent country with no EU back it. Texas failed so bad at their independence, that they pleaded with the US Government to let them in. This movement is stupid, and will result in nothing, and if it does - at least we have a place for the red necks to go.
  3. Texas will end up imploding and being susceptible to so many issues with Mexico is wont even be funny. I can see Alaska doing this successfully but not Texas.
  4. Alaska will never survive on it's own. The only reason it still has any inhabitants, beside the indigenous people is because of the US. But I guess that's besides the point.

    And yeah, Texas will die if they leave. And it's likely the US take the American conquered land, and leave them a landlocked piece of crap; if they were to ever leave.
  5. I meant it in terms of not having threats from a possibly dangerous country living right next door. Alaska would likely be taken in by Canada and even if not, I doubt they would pose a threat to them. Either way, I can't see Texas surviving outside of the US.
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    Yeah I don't think a referendum would legally allow Texas to secede from the Union. The victory by the Union in the Civil War is viewed by many as a precedent that doesn't allow states to secede. This has come up before and war victories historically can set legal precedent.

    It was also determined illegal in the Supreme Court case Texas vs White. More importantly, this decision held that states could not unilaterally secede EVEN if the secession was ratified by a "majority of Texans," which disqualifies referendum votes as well.

    If the referendum was passed, it would be challenged in the courts and I believe will be defeated.

    Leaving the US is not remotely like leaving the EU. The UK is a sovereign state, Texas is a federated state. A federated state gives up certain powers to be part of a confederation or union and one of those powers, set by precedent in the Civil War, is the power of secession. Plus, what Texas would lose from doing this far outweighs what the UK will lose by leaving. A federated state is more reliant upon the Union than a sovereign state is.

    When the EU was formed, they set up procedures in which a member can leave. The US Constitution only outlines procedures to enter the Union, not to leave. Antonin Scalia interpreted this to mean the right to leave does not exist and many legal scholars appear to agree.

    The people trying to do this will do nothing more than waste tons of taxpayers dollars on a referendum,and tons more on the years long legal battle that would follow if it was approved.
  7. This happens every so often.

    It's usually the same people threatening to leave. They never do. Just like those Katrina people.

    I don't think I've ever met someone that took this seriously. It's mostly an ongoing gag.
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