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  1. I can reply to someone elses status, but cannot create my own. Just a heads up. INB4GetTheApp, not paying 3$ to get some app, as i use my phone for 15-20 minutes a day online max.
  2. Yeah I can't either and I'm not getting a shitty tapatalk app.
  3. Gonna be making statuses more mobile friendly sometime in the future anyway, I'll fix it then.

    And statuses wouldn't work in Tapatalk anyway, because Tapatalk just compiles data and sends it to the app to display in its own structured way.
  4. Statuses work completely fine for me on my phone. Will test again though just in case something has recently changed.
  5. Im on iphone, and no status creation option. I have time.
  6. Works fine for me as you can see. Weird. On Galaxy S3.

    What error do you actually get? Just no option to make one?
  7. Is the button not appearing for you? If not, just try using this page for now.
  8. thanks. I dont know what is better, the way you help without question, the fact that you arent pika anymore and annoy for the sake of annoying, or your xanth avatar. Most likely option 3.
  9. its just your shitty phone.
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