TFA LD Starring Aidman Draine GramerNatzi, with guest star @Testify

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Nobody, Oct 20, 2014.

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  1. @Testify your mom gives a mean handjob. Let's watch this shit together and LD today, @Testify can even make the running if we align the times up. Forget RAW, i always double bag it when I'm spending time with Testify's mom.
    I know Rainman buddy fella guy will be around in an hour or two, making this hoping a few random's show up for the party - let us know when works best for you all and we can do it. TNA has been dank for a couple months and Dixie Carter is bringing all that ass and a decent amount of tits on this last week, at least i'm hoping so.

  2. Last week's episode? I liked the show a lot, the main event was definitely awesome!
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  3. Put on hold because Rain cannot attend, and he is the man of the hour, the tower of power, Voulenteer champ that get's sour. Grandma Nazi won't be here without D Rain the GOAT! I miss the old times. Seab, D'Z, GN, Rain, and Testify posting that shitty hogan picture 3-4 times a week. Those were the days, and TNA has been really dank lately too. @Dolph'sZiggler Watch tna again buddy, you would mark balls if you caught up, just watch the couple shows leading up to BFG, your favorite champ is about to get golden again. @Seab SEAB!

    And also @Testify's mom is sleezy too easy.
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  4. Did you just start? Give me time to catch up and lets make this shit live...and i'm in.

    Aids and Testify LD, lets :testify:
  5. starting now, i'm on the putlocker watch wrestling deal, how far in are you? I can skip hardy.
  6. Will be in shortly!
  7. @Testify do what your mother never did and wait a few minutes.
  8. Alright about to get Majour up in here, started the shit.
  9. And I'm here, sorry about that!
  10. Yay Aries <3
  11. A double.
  12. Roode and Aries, shut the fuck up tazz
  13. Tazz really is the worst.
  14. I see Havok in the background looking sexy AF.
  15. OH MY BROTHER! :testify:
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  16. I'm gonna say no to the Willow bundle. Magnus is still a thing?
  17. I enjoyed the Magnus match, the ending I thought should've went a different way but hey always nice to see both the Hardy Boys workin for the same promotion.
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