Tgmiveld conspiracies

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nickelodeon, Mar 22, 2014.

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  1. Alright, now that the ultimate jaded lad left, I wanna know, who made the Tgmiveld persona/gimmick/account? I know it was someone on here, and I have a hunch it is a member of the staff. They loved that dude, and they never react like that even when there are good trolls. My money is on Seabs making the account. He was the first one I noticed actually liking the stuff and likin his posts. Seabs, you GOAT, confess already.
  2. I have come to believe most trolls on here are actually mods or admins.
  3. Didn't Seabs go missing for a while right as the other guy came in? Oh boi.
  4. So it is under the assumption that Action Jackson and the heralded Niggaswag were also mods and or staff?
  5. #DramaBomb.
  6. Tgmiveld was legit. i have seen him elsewhere on the internet posting much the same threads.
  7. Isn't it obvious that he's actually Balls Mahoney?
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  8. As Pratchett said, Tgmiveld has been seen posting elsewhere before. I'm pretty sure someone has brought it to light here before that he's been seen posting his stuff over on WF.
  9. No.... No... HOW COULD THIS BE!?
  10. I still am yet to receive a single thank you note from the board for whooping his ass and sending him on his way.

    But again I say, you're welcome.
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  11. He'll be back. To many metrosexuals will invade his local boozer whilst he is getting a lady rump shaken in his face. Result = new thread.

    Hope he does come back tho.
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  12. You Gohan'd him lol. It wasn't me btw, talks were it was Zombie Princess Roray or Jwab but neither of their IPsmatched.
  13. its not hard to swap an IP for an alt breh
  14. I hate new users. Nothing personal, I just don't know your personality so I have no idea how to take this post. I'll assume you are joking and just tell you to lick my ass.
  15. I actually think the dude is hilarious.
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  16. :gusta:

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