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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by WarMachine, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. This is a post I felt I had to make...

    I just wanted to say thank you to the WWEForums family here.

    I say that because having come here in a lot of noise from another forum that not shall be named, over the last year and a half I've been posting here it's become the only wrestling related forum that I will regularly post on.

    I honestly feel that among the people here in particular, there is something of a family like atmosphere in this forum, I can't remember a time I ever personally had a heated argument with a fellow member or even newer regular members, I can't say that about many other places.

    With everyone on here, it seems like everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, aren't shot down immediately for having said opinion, and is allowed to be their own person on here, there is very little to any big conflicts happening, and if one ever does come up, it seems like the people involved and others would stick up for each other, not letting any assholes dampen the good feeling there is among the regular members, I can't really say that about many other forums, where it seems like every person for themselves.

    It's got to the point on here for myself that coming on here, whether it be talking about wrestling, messing about in the shoutbox, posting in any of the Locker Room threads, anything else to try to take my mind off other problems that are around.

    In closing, once again, thank you to everyone on the WWEForums for making this place what it is!
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  2. I have been on many forums and this by far is one of the more mature ones. I know there are trolls here but they are good trolls. A bit of fun trolling is needed. I am not sure how old this forum is but I joined for Pokemon battles and I am actually getting back into wrestling because of the people here.
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  3. The thread title is a tad bit misleading, I thought you were leaving. lol

    Good to know you're enjoying it here. Stick around!
  4. That is what I thought coming in lol
  5. *hugs
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  6. tl; dr
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  7. i can say faggot and deny the holocaust + i get to watch ppvs/raws with the wweforum fam so yeah i love it here

    and i love you =D
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  8. I agree Wrestle Forum is fan dabby dozy
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  9. Thing I like about this forum is you won't really feel left out. You know everyone is pretty welcoming, we get along well with anyone, even if you're retarded.
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  10. yeah i'm accepting of the retarded people here

    couldn't imagine what it would be like to have people think you're retarded
  11. Minimal amount of derps on here, lots of good people. Can't really complain, especially since I've made some really good friends on here.
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  12. I'm a bipolar goth kid who's always high/drunk and I fit right in.
  13. I'm sure 95% of us are usually high or drunk..
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  14. That was nice to read, I'm glad you and others feel that way. :yay:
  15. :hmm:
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  16. Meaning thanks love; deepest regards btw.
  17. :rock2:
  18. I've noticed since I've been more active again over the past few weeks the site is great. It's a little smaller than before, but I like it this way. Also no more BLFFL and shit like that, which is a great improvement for the site!
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