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  1. My time here is short, but its important to me that I express some things that I left out when I left before. Everyone of you have touched my heart in a certain way and for this I thank you so much. However, a few of you have welcomed me personally into your lives and I am forever thankful for your trust

    @[Farooq] - You have a wonderful capacity (sp) for life. Please watch your step and grow into the special person we know you can be.

    @[CM Punk] - I love your honor and trustworthiness. Keep being true to yourself

    @[Jose Tortilla] - Never ever let the world damper your spirit

    @[RespectGohan 6425] - Such a genuine person. I wish you all great things you have stored in your heart

    @[Dolph'sZiggler] - I care for you. Please never forget this

    @[Aids Johnson] - If I'd met you, who knows if I'd ever leave

    Original NWO @[WacoKid27] @[GrammarNazi82] @[Testify] @[Rain] - Thank you for being an extended family to me here

    @[Neil Thorn] - Such energy and so much fun lol

    @[Cloud] - Don't be discouraged, all bad things will pass

    I'm here till Christmastime, but wanted to publicly acknowledge those of you who welcomed me into their lives through this forum. Thanx
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  2. Love you Kia! Don't know why the tagging isn't working, though.

  3. I didn't get to know you on here but you seem very sweet and sincere! I wish you the best on your path to God!
  4. You're welcome.
  5. Goodbye... :please:
  6. I never got to know you however take care off yourself.
  7. It could have been interesting, but life isn't always fair. I know you chose what you wanted the most, and you will be wonderful at what you do.

    Yeah i kept the other part on purpose, :woo1:
  8. Wait Aids didn't you own the NWO group but you aren't in it anymore? What is the logic there?
  9. Logic? :russo:
  10. It's Mr wrestling 2

    Wait...oh Shit its vince russsssso.
  12. :smug: Probably should stay away from groups if i want to stay unbanned brother.

    I AM YOUR FRIEND AND YOU ARE!!!! MYFRIEND! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:
  13. It's better here with you though :sad:
  14. Tenay is trash, but his Oh Shit call is maybe the best call of any announcer ever.

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  15. Mike Tenay for the fucking life. @OfficialTaz @ToddKeneley @JeremyBorash @PoweredHemme @SoCalValerie
  16. Re: RE: Thank you

    Brah gtfo the twittah machine
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  17. I'm not on it. @wweforumsnet @lolwuts @analbleeding @hulkhogan @fistofkangarooode
  18. Thanks, hon. Take good care. I hope the desires of your heart come within your reach!

    Thanks, Britanica. With you and Jenn its really like I'm not leaving at all. I hope you two enjoy things here as I have. Its like having many, many big brothers. lol

    Bye, hon. I'll miss you. You were always very sweet to me.

    lol Bye

    Such a heartbreaker you are. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Thanks, dear. You seem really fun, honestly. :yes:

    Don't change. You'll some lady very happy some day.

    Thank you, Crayo. You have such a child-like enthusiasm and its contagious here. :yes::yes::yes: I won't be surprised if I here from you again one day!

    You are all individually (sp) special. Keep a smile handy and don't forget to share your love with others. Thanks!!! Bye
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