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  1. i have made a few threads with links to hq wwe episodes and its the same people posting everytime to keep it alive, most people use the link then go so...

    my idea is to make a thanks button, this therefore will get the member noticed for there hard work also, you should be able to create a thread which means that to get the genuine link you have to post and then thank the user therefore it keeps the topic alive?
  2. There's a plugin like this available in MyBB. I would actually install it, but Anonymous is already coding a "Karma" plugin. It's the same concept really, people can give you + or - karma, and you'll have a total in your post_bit and profile. Pretty sure we could make it so when you receive a karma point on a new thread you make it bumps it to the top? I'll have to speak to him about it. The obvious issue with such a plugin is that old threads could be so easily bumped to the top drowning all new threads.
  3. Possibly disable the kharma vote if a thread is over 2 weeks old to prevent old threads being bumped? The 2 weeks would be from the last post.
  4. yeah i get what you mean but on some forums they have like a rule/plugin which means that you cannot post/bump a thread so many days old without a post and if they do i doesnt work or they get a warning/ban?
  5. Yeah just makes it more complicated for Anon really.

    Will speak to Anon just bout installing the thanks mod and perhaps editing it with the creators consent.
  6. I think you should stick with the Karma button as the thanks button would be useless and would take up more bandwidth if you know what I mean.
  7. Yeah we probably will, Anon's done some cool stuff to it to make it look better too.
  8. Do superstars get a sneak peak before it's finished? :emoji_grin:
  9. I think that would be a great idea