Thanks Jono & Coonbb

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Nov 29, 2013.

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  1. Non-legends "huh wot wots up bruv"

    Legends ":lol1: :haha: :gtfo:!

    Enjoy, shirt is pretty nice tbh.
  2. huh wot wots up bruv
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  3. If this stops you flaming & embarrassing Jono on a regular basis then expect many "you sold out" chants from me.
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  4. "regular basis"


    I've had more salads than he's done that to me.
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  6. I was shitting on him just yesterday before I made this thread.
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  7. :pity2:
  8. Ah shit ye... "yeah he's pretty fat"

    Jesus, that's worse than a JJ..
  9. Nah dolph's is only my bitch now, and i order him to continue fucking with jonathan for all eternity.
    With that as my final wish and the pressure of being his maser rising, i sign in my resignation.
    ur now free homie ziggler live on in d peace bruv.
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  10. oh hell :no:
  11. True
  12. Pretty cool shirt. Warriors are a big threat in the West this year
  13. did you see last nights game? tough loss but they played well and it took a miracle shot for OKC to beat us in their gym
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