That 90's Guy Examines the Current Product.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zardnaar, Aug 30, 2016.

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    I thought I stopped wrestling back in 1997 or so but after comparing my memories with whats on the WWE network/wikipedia it turns out I was watching wrestling up to around 1999. THis was mostly WCW Nitro (I did not have RAW in New Zealand) and hired vieos of WWE main events (the big 4 + a few in your house type events).

    Based on recommendations on a previous post I signed up to the WWE Network. I have been watching a few RAW epsisodes from 1998 and kewy episodes/main events such as RAW 1000, WM X7, the rumble from 1998-2002.

    I missed most of the attitude era although I was there at the start of it and say WCW before the quality fell off a cliff One of the last shows I saw was the fingerpoke of doom. Going back a bit further I started watching wrestling in 1988. Hulkamania was kinda big while some hipseters liked AWA/NWA matches which were hard to find/follow here limited to a few VHS videos.

    From 2007 or so I have followed wrestling via wikipedia so I knew who Cena, CM Punk etc were but I was not following the feuds. 2016 rolls around and I find myself watching WCPW and Wrestling with Wregret on youtube alone with various wrestling related articles mostly about Roman Reigns failing to go over with the fans. I watched a bit on yourube and then the main event for 2016 on the network (enjoyed the rumble, WM was OK, SS was mostly crap).

    So going from the Monday night wars to the PG era. More or less missed the entire Ruthless Aggression era. Things like RAW getting the worst ratings since 1996 hmmn this could be fun. ANyway a few thoughts.

    1. Womens wrestling. Sasha Banks and co can actually pout on some better matches than quite a few on the mens roster. Back in the 90's womens wrestling was mostly a gimmick and then in the Attitude Era they turned up the tits and ass component. I was not a fan of Sable that much, Sunny I thought was funny. Watching the AE era I missed the 1st time I just skip that part. Womens wrestling and it doesn't suck.

    2. Rating might be down but the modern WWE has not reached the pits of say 1995. I like a lot of the superstars from heels/faces, the mid card etc. The talent is there and some of the wrestlers seem really over with the fans, Bayley and AJ Stiles for example. Bayley might be the 1st real female superstar.

    3. Romans Reigns. I have no strong opinions on RR but he is not bad as such. Hell I remember Rocky Mavia who was shoved down our throats and RR is probably a better wrestler than Rocky. Even The Rock was not that good in ring, brilliant on the mic.

    4. Talent. From a technical PoV I enjoy watching the performers. The main problems seem to be in booking and creative.

    So yeah kind of enjoying it, it could be better of course and some things seem obvious. Turn Reigns heel flip him to face later on. Seeing the current talent getting feed to The Rock in 8 seconds at WM is rubbish, seeing the Rock at RAW 1000 go down to CM Punk was great. Ending the streak was fine but should have been used to put over new talent not an older part timer like Lesnar.
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