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As he lay in the ring staring up at the lights, Joseph Diamond remained there, wondering what had happened to cause this nonsense. Not knowing who his opponent was definitely set him up for failure. There was no way he was responsible for this-

Oh no. Bill Bronson's on his way. He walks down to the ring in a methodical manner, eyeing his prey in the ring. As he makes his way down, Diamond slowly begins to come to and realizes his terror that was about to come. Scrambling to get out of the ring, Diamond starts to crawl towards the opposite side of the ring, but it is too late. Bill Bronson stands in the ring and looks down on his worthless opponent. Viciously, he grabs Diamond by the waist and pulls him to his feet. He tosses him into the corner and proceeds to send Joseph Diamond through it. Flopping to the mat with a loud thud, Diamond is in a state of panic. He tries to scramble away once more, but Bronson clocks him with a massive right hook, knocking his rival near unconsciousness. The crowd is cheering for the destruction of Diamond as he is pulled to his feet once more. Holding the limp champion up, Bronson smiles as he prepares to hit him with his Whirlwind Side Slam. He holds him and begins to do a full 360-degree turn, but...


First RWK Euro Champion
*...gets hit in the back of the head by a steel chair. Seemingly out of nowhere, a black-clad, armed and frenzied Jack Rogue has entered the ring and viciously struck Bronson from behind with what is becoming his signature weapon. Rogue stares down at the veteran breathing heavily, then looks out into the jeering crowd. He starts to walk agitatedly around the ring, the Intercontinental Champion and Bill Bronson both prone next to each other in the centre, and kicks occasionally at the ropes, venting violent urges that seem to be bursting from his pores. Slowly, Bronson begins to stir sleepily and Jack stops dead, turns square on to Bronson, then swings the chair into the air and drives it face first with a metallic smack that makes the entire arena wince. The hardened Bill Bronson doesn't cry out, but the agony is evident on his face, and a gut-rending grunt escapes his bearded his face through gritted teeth and is picked up on the nearby camera*

*Bronson attempts to roll out of the ring under the bottom rope but Jack notices it and swiftly grabs his wrist, then hauls the three hundred pounder back into the middle of the ring. With Bill's chest now facing up, Rogue once again slams the steel chair down face first, this time into the ribs of Bronson. This time, a muffled yell of pain is heard, as Bill clutches at his chest and begins to blow in and out, his breaths laboured. Bronson's arms now covering his torso, Jack steps forwards and pushes the edge of the chair into his victim's windpipe, strangling him. Bronson struggles, panicked as his newly limited air intake is cut off with the sharp pressure on the front of his throat, and eventually throws the chair off him. Rogue then unfolds the chair, placing it down next to him. He grabs Bronson in a choke hold, once more attempting to strangle the veteran, and pulls Bill to his feet. Suddenly, Bronson delivers a punch to the gut of Rogue, who releases his stranglehold. Bill then goes for his signature right hook, but Jack grabs his arm then leverages him into the reverse headlock. He quickly drags Bronson next to the chair, tilts his body to the right slightly, then turns and spins the other way to deliver Annihilation, driving Bill face first through the plate steel chair with brutal impact*

*Bronson lies face down, his head half sandwiched by the wreckage of the mangled steel chair. Jack sits up, takes another look at his handiwork as the crowd boo loudly, and turns his eyes to Joseph Diamond. The Intercontinental champ is just coming to in the corner after losing to Victor Sokolov and being manhandled by Bronson after the match. He sees Rogue's eyes on him, glances once at the state his former attacker is in, and almost dives out of the ring, tumbling between the bottom and middle ropes and landing unsteadily on the ring floor. Jack shouts at Diamond unintelligibly, kicks at the ring ropes once more, then turns around and pauses. He's looking at the Intercontinental title belt, still lying on the ring canvas where the champion dropped it. Rogue walks slowly over to it, picks it up and stares into the centre of its middle plate*

Diamond: HEY! HEY! That's [mine]! Give it back!

*The belt's owner shouts at Jack but shows no intention of entering the ring to reclaim his championship, and one glance from Rogue has him backing up from where he stands by the apron. Jack slowly unfastens the buckle at the back and holds the belt's strap, the title dangling by his side, and looks out into the crowd, who are still booing loudly Rogue's assault of Bronson. The boos escalate when Jack throws his belt-holding hand into the air, holding the championship aloft*

Commentary: Jack Rogue doesn't have a match for Wrestle Dynasty next week as of yet... does this constitute a statement of intent?

*Rogue turns round to face the incensed champion once more, then walks over to the ropes and throws the championship at its owner. Only Diamond's quick reflexes prevent him from being clocked by his own title, as he catches it just in front of his face and leans against the barricade wall. Jack shakes his head at the champion, delivers a final stomp to the just stirring Bill Bronson, then leaves the ring under the bottom rope and walks up the ramp out of the arena as the show cuts to commercial*

-End of segment-
Build is short, yes... but I think it's a WrestleDynasty worthy match, don't you?

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