That ending to this weeks Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Feb 20, 2014.

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  1. That ending to this weeks Raw was fucking epic but WTF why cut the show off when there all fighting? at least go off the air when they stop and have a stare down it ruins it when they all start fighting and then we miss out
  2. Having them fight while going off the air emphasizes chaos and leaves you wondering wth happened...I liked it. Keeps a suspenseful feel.
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  3. I'm sure it was on WWE AP

    I thought it was gay that the Elimination Chamber match fags were involved. I wanted some unadulterated Wyatt/Shield brawling.
  4. Like I said, they should have got Lesnar involved and had him destroy everybody
  5. I like Lesnar being out of mind IF they are actually planning on having him rape and pillage his way into the EC match.
  6. I agree with this...but regardless what happened between the Wyatt's and the Shield was good enough for me.
  7. We can only hope that is the plan!
  8. Indeed.

    The thing that has me thinking is... they turned Christian heel, right? So if they are setting up a Lesnar return to take him out does that mean he is working Mania as a face? We know Lesnar would/will get a pop from his home state fans
  9. Damn I didnt think of that at all, good fucking call man I hope your right.
  10. If they scrap Brock vs Taker at the last minute, they should go with this. However, I think it would be better for Lesnar and Heyman to be tweeners.
  11. Really?
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  12. It toally ruins the moment of getting into the scene and then they just cut it off WTF
  13. Going to make a thread on banning you again. Learn to spoiler your thread idiot.
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  14. Thread was made on Thursday? It's a 24 hour spoiler rule.
  15. a spoiler title is still needed fuck face.
  16. They wouldn't turn Lesnar face by having him take out Christian lol. And no way is Lesnar working Mania as a face considering how he's just been booked against Big Show and throwing a fit over the fact that he wasn't given a title shot.
  17. I dunno, given Orton and Batista right now, I'd say Lesnar already is a face. Hell, given Daniel Bryan... I'd say Lesnar is the face of the company. Given that the Authority aren't heels either, I'd liken Lesnar to anti-hero right about now
  18. Getting cheers from certain people in the audience (which is pretty common for a lot of heels today) and being turned and booked as a face are two entirely different things. I won't completely bury his face run from 2003 since I didn't find it as bad as others did, but there's a reason he was turned back heel not even a full year later. Even worse now would be the prospect of Paul Heyman becoming face or tweener in the process (barring Lesnar dumping Heyman and whatnot, which isn't happening anytime before Mania). No... just no.
  19. LOL...I'm sorry I didn't clarify before hand.. what the universe does or thinks means absolutely 0 to me. My bad ... I must have given you the impression I gave a f*** if even one person cheered for Lesnar.

    But, no way, do I want WWE 'booking' Lesnar at all really... He shows so infrequently, that arriving and bending some cat's lid in half is more than enough to keep me popping corn in and of itself
  20. That's why you tune into the PPV to see it? Makes sense to me.
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