That ending was great.

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  1. Unless you're one of the fans that disagrees with the Paul Bearer "disrespect" of course. I'm a huge huge fan of sadistic Punk, and he plays it so well. Rubbing himself in the ashes after drowning Taker in them was just a great segment.

    I said a week or so ago that this feud needed main event segments because it felt lacklustre, and we just got it. What did you guys think of it?
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  2. But seriously, that was fantastic stuff. Don't see how anyone could hate that.

    Punk hasn't looked this despicable in years. Who cares about the streak, I just want Taker to chokeslam him through the ring.
  3. I have no problem with it being 'disrespecful' I'm just not freaking out like everyone else. It was good. best part of the show/best part of the build for this meh feud, but it wasn't some mark out moment or anything. I wasn't shocked like omg can't believe Punk would do this. He dumped fake ashes on Taker.

    I did lol hard at Heyman as Bearer
  4. Great segment, and a badly-needed great promo. I was expecting the interruption, just not like that. Loved the style and delivery of it. Plus loved the sadistic style of Punk again, his attitude in the whole thing, Heyman-Bearer, etc. This was definitely needed, and it was a fantastic way to close out the last show before WM.
  5. Marked for Heyman. The rest was a borefest and the sand was ehn.
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  6. OK at least I didn't have to say it. I wouldn't say borefest, seeing Punk beat up Taker was OK, but the dumping of the 'ashes'?? yawn
  8. Punk's beatdown was boring though. He kept on attacking him with the urn, which by the way looked terribad. The sand was corny.
  9. Yea this is the CM Punk that I want to see every Monday Night, controversial and edgy.
    Great segment without a doubt.
  10. wrestling is fake
  11. It was soo predictable and boring.

    Punk is better running his mouth, not gimmicks.
  12. Heyman instantly makes everything better.
  13. I caught what WWE posted of it on their Youtube channel. The Taker promo that preceded it was pretty bad in my opinion, but I usually think that about every Taker promo that wasn't done when he was The American Bad-Ass. Laughed quite a bit at Heyman as Bearer, that was great. After that, my enjoyment honestly started to dwindle. Maybe it's because I'm so detached from the program, maybe it's a case of too little too late, or maybe it's because it was just Punk hitting Taker on the back with the urn for three minutes (but at least he took the time to strip to mix it up). The dumping of the ashes was a nice touch but it really didn't do much for me. Neither did the whole segment.

    I'll also go out and say it was the only segment I caught that I enjoyed so it has that over the Cena promo, Rock promo, & the Triple H/Shawn/Heyman w/Brock Lesnar segment (though Heyman was good there, but the rest, not so much).
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  14. Oh, OK, thanks.
  15. I marked a lot . LOL'd at heyman and Punk with the ashes :gusta:
  16. THAT WAS HORRIFIC! :downer:
  17. I liked it, was expecting Heyman as Bearer for a while. The ashes were also alright.