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  1. What did you guys think of Shawn taking out Bryan? I thought it was an atrocious ending since it appears that Shawn didn't take a side. He just took him out because Bryan took HHH out which was completely justified for so many reasons in kayfabe land. Awful imo.

    If of course this does lead to a Shawn turn then it's okay I guess, but yeah, what did you think of it?
  2. I liked everything except Orton winning.
  3. Sounds shitty from just reading it. Heel/Corporate DX just sounds... dumb.
  4. It was an expected ending really. I can see Daniel Bryan fighting for another shot of the title, if they don't give it to him already for that dirty ending though. It makes me wonder, if they'll keep Shawn around, or he'll come out saying he should have stayed away from the ring and walk out from the WWE right there(kayfabe wise for the time of course). That being said, I'm sure Shawn will go more in depth tonight and have some mic time to explain his actions. A heel Shawn Michaels would be an interesting thing though :hmm:
  5. When was the last time he was a heel?
  6. I thought it was funny that when DB was all "You have to get up and count Shawn", Micheals just waved him off, but when Orton covers DB now he's up and ready for the 3 count. Off topic, but wasn't SM part of the Montreal screw job? I wonder if this had him reminiscing?
  7. I dunno, wasn't it the early 2000's if I'm correct. He worked with JBL a few years ago, but he wasn't heel himself, he was just taking orders from a heel since since keyfabe wise he needed money for his family.
  8. For one month in 2005 during his feud with Hulk Hogan. He was an awesome heel during this time, too (trolling the Canadian crowd by having Bret Hart's music play twice, mocking Hulk Hogan on the Larry King Interview spoof, being generally egotistical and smarmy, etc.)
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  9. That match he had with Hogan was a real....seller :jeritroll:
  10. So he's due
  11. I still laugh my ass off at HBK's over selling of the match. Kind of shows how the HBK of old still lives deep down (he was pissed at Hogan for out-politicking him for being the victor of the match.)

    Don't think so. If he was gonna turn full heel, he probably would have last night. I saw the ending as getting HBK to cost Bryan in a way that doesn't turn Michaels heel. I also doubt Michaels wants to have a long role on-screen in this storyline.
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  12. I'm not 100% sure it was a heel turn. Straight after HBK looked like he regretted it and quickly went down the ramp. If HBK had stayed in the ring congratulating Orton, I'd be sure he'd turned.
  13. Part of me said "Oh, okay, of course there's a BS finish, it's a title match. You can't do title matches without them."
    Another part said "Well, does this mean Vince will come back and be a funloving character against a heel Degeneration-X? Don't tell me you wouldn't love that."
    And then the old me came out and said "Dammit, WWE has their first real star since the 90's, but instead of making sure this guy's the biggest draw possible, they'd rather do repeats of crap from 1997." (Bryan isn't buried.)
  14. I told you!!!!!!! I made a thread yesterday saying I think Shawn will screw Daniel and I was right it was so predictable im fucking pissed off Daniel should be WWE champion stop fucking him around WWE
  15. If it was so predictable then why are you pissed?
  16. I thought there was a possibility that HBK would do something to cost Bryan the match before it started so I wasn't surprised. However, it remains to be seen if HBK did it simply because Bryan attacked HHH or because he is starting his heel turn and was doing what was "best for business". Hopefully tonight's RAW will help sort that out a bit more.
  17. Who, me? Nah, not really pissed. Just a shoulder-shrugging moment.
  18. No BLFFL said it was so predictable, but that she was pissed with the outcome. Sorry, should've quoted her.
  19. Nah man, my bad on that one. :haha: Have her on ignore so didn't see her post and wouldn't have seen your quote.
    Didn't consider BLFFL actually posting in the middle of another thread. That never happens.

    Thanks though. (Hey, mods, wonder if there's something cool you can do with this?)
  20. I thought it had a cool side to it, I find Shawn taking DB out because Bryan hit HHH with the Knee something that was really realistic (would the guy stand by his friend or just sit there?) and had some character depth, you know, something that's normally lacking in wrestling. It was fine.
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