That Heyman/Punk promo

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Was slept on so much by the crowd. I thought it was really good. It had so many levels of emotions; the promo was just layered so wonderfully. I've seen people on Twitter label it as perhaps Heyman's best work: where do you stand?
  2. It was great. It seemed the crowd was totally into it too. Like during the Henry promo there were constant "WHAT?" chants but everyone wanted to listen to them last night. (I believe Rains pointed this out originally). I love the angle they're doing with it, bunch of backstory.
  3. Slept on by the crowd? Is this an insult? The crowd were perfect for it, them popping like crazy wasn't the plan (notice how the only time they were acknowledged was Punk talking down on them by calling them "these people") Anyway both played their roles to perfection.
  4. A promo doesn't need to aim at getting huge pops, but I'm pretty sure moments of silence aren't what they're looking for. They won them over towards the end of the promo anyway because of how good it was, but talking about the crowd is redundant anyway.

    I thought Punk was superb specifically in this, and I still think he's the best wrestling mic worker there is atm.
  5. Hated those smark ****s who tried to ruin it with stupid chants. Was an amazing promo, it felt so genuine because it basically was their real life situation. Both guys are really good actors by wrestling standards, Punk's one of the most believable guys on the mic in WWE atm.
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  6. I thought Heyman was spectacular. I felt Punk dragged on a bit and was repetitive. He said "for the first time in your life, tell the truth" like 5 times among other things. He still did well, but Heyman out shined him, and I just had to nitpick at something.
  7. I didn't even really pay attention to the crowd honestly just because the promo was so good. Two best mic workers in the WWE at the moment.

    Most crowds these days are pretty apathetic for the most part anyway, so fuck 'em.
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  8. In fairness Heyman is quite comfortably the best Mic worker currently active in WWE at the moment. There's no shame in being out shined by him in a segment.
  9. I thought it was an okay promo. The twist in it is that Punk said he was sorry for doubting him. The rest of it was stuff we already knew imo
  10. It was great and had so many emotional moments, but something that I noticed is that Punk is clearly not a full babyface, at least not yet.
    That was clearly proved when he told Heyman something like "I'm not them *pointing at the crowd* you shouldn't lie to me" or something like that, so I think it's obvious he is more like a tweener right now, which is something I would never complain about.
  11. The 'what' chants during Henry's promo were really pissing me off. Who the fuck thinks they are cool what chanting? gtfo pussies
  12. The crowd over all on Monday was horrid. South Carolina is a horrid place for wrestling crowds it seems.

  13. Horrid? Have we been spoiled that bad? It was a solid crowd. Hot for some things, not for others and they ruined Henry's promo.

    If you want a horrid crowd just turn on any Raw crowd from 2010 or 2011. Back when only Cena got reactions.

  14. It's about time someone like Henry absolutely fucking destroys fans that do them. Miz, Taker and Vince have all tried but have failed to completely bury the chant, just need somebody like Henry to make all the culprits feel like complete morons for ever even thinking of chanting 'what'.
  15. The crowd was pretty bad, even for South Carolina standards.
    Anyway, I loved this segment. It was pretty good all around.
  16. Huh? The crowd was great, it was just marky.
  17. Crowd was decent, just to be a fencesitter.
  18. Great, now I have nothing to add to the discussion.
  19. I figured the crowd was silent out of respect for Punk. Hell, many of them were bowing at him as Punk made his entrance. That's just me though, I guess. I would think loud chants would've lessened the segment.
  20. You have surpassed Gohan as the most pathetic Punk mark on the board
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